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For much of the year, the True North is coated in a heavy blanket of snow, underlined with ice. More than being a chilly atmosphere, this means a dangerous environment. No one wants to spend their days nursing a sprained wrist or damaged hip because they took a tumble on the sidewalk. Accidents are awful for homes and even worse for commercial spaces, and that is why our Gorillas service both!

Instead of leaving our communities at risk, Gorillas are quick to swing into action with our St. Catharines snow removal and salting services. Public works might cover government-owned spaces but owners are responsible for clearing their own residential or commercial property, no matter the amount of snow and ice! Let our experts help keep your space a clean, comfortable, inviting and safe environment.

Navigating a Cold Climate

Winter weather commonly leaves its mark overnight. Waking up to frosted car windows or a large piling of snow is common practice. Not everyone has the time or physical ability to grab snow shovels and remove accumulation, so snow sits, making matters worse. From limited mobility to reduced visibility and slippery surfaces, snow and ice are bad news.

Snow hills around street corners can limit visibility, making it dangerous to pull out of a driveway or turn a corner. When the sidewalk in front of a home or commercial building is not cleared properly, it might as well be an obstacle course for the elderly or those in walkers or wheelchairs. This is such an issue that there are by-laws for keeping walkways clear.

During summer months, property maintenance might be something as simple as grass cutting or weeding. From the late days of fall to the first days of spring cleaning, there is a very different look to outdoor care. Whether you have a small home with smaller sidewalks or a large commercial space with parking lots, our Gorillas can help!

What to Know About Your Space

During summer months, it is easy to spot a property in need, namely in need of lawn maintenance. Property owners are quick to schedule lawn cutting but for some reason, snow clearing and de-icing are often neglected.

One of the biggest faux-pas’ that property owners commit is simply tossing snow off to the side. If you need to free up a backdoor, it is common to just toss it over your shoulder and move on. This might clear a step or two of pathway but as temperatures warm, snow melting becomes a real issue. If left to lean up against seams, water damage is on the way!

Sunshine during the day might cause snow or ice melt but that does not stop it from refreezing overnight. Plenty of owners or property management teams are quick to throw down a fistful of rock salt in an attempt to prevent ice from settling on surfaces.

Everything from magnesium chloride to hot water and rubbing alcohol are said to melt ice but nothing gets the job done like years of experience. Our Gorillas perform a thorough inspection of properties in order to pinpoint problem areas and get the best results for our clients.

St. Catharines Snow Clearing Services: How We Work

Weather does not work a 9-5 schedule, so neither do our Gorillas. Snow is most likely to fall during late night or early morning hours. This means waking up to an unexpected storm or covering. Instead of leaving our clients with an unwelcome surprise, our experts are at work 24 hours a day.

One of the things that sets our Gorillas apart from the competition is diligence. By watching weather reports, our experts are prepped and ready for any incoming snowstorm or drop in temperature that might cause any melt to freeze. This is what makes our snow removal services so effective. Say goodbye to slippery surfaces and opt for professional ice removal.

During those late-night hours, snow removal is carried out by hand using shovels around residential areas. Taking this approach to larger areas can take hours of hard labour, but we have the tools to make clearing quick and efficient. Snow plowing and blowing leaves no space untreated and all walkways passable for visitors, customers and mail delivery persons.

Serving Our Communities

More than just being able to reduce the amount of snow around your property, our Gorillas provide peace of mind to property owners. Highly trained and fully insured technicians are able to provide expert removal, according to the needs of your unique space. In the same way that piling snow against walls is a bad idea, so it burying necessary tools, like fire hydrants. When you want the best results, trust the professionals.

When you need a helping hand caring for your outdoor space, just call our Gorillas. Each office is locally owned and operated by members of your community, committed to the highest possible level of service. Stop struggling through the winter, have our Gorillas handle the heavy lifting. This means that we are committed to getting the best results possible for each one of our clients. Call today for a free quote.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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