Burnaby Gutter Cleaning

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  • All rooftops and valleys to be cleared of branches, leaves and debris
  • High-pressure vacuums and/or by hand removal
  • All downspouts water tested
  • Before and after digital photos

There is no bigger threat to homes and businesses in the Burnaby area than rain. Sure, residents might be used to dealing with everything from drizzles to downpours but roofs and gutters need to work hard just to keep up. Because it rains throughout the year, it is important to keep drains and gutters running smoothly, preventing damage to your home or workspace. Keeping things running smoothly is the main goal of any Gorilla, so don’t hesitate to call for a professional Burnaby gutter cleaning service.

Quality Gutter Cleaning in Burnaby: Call Gorilla!

At Gorilla Property Services, our specialists don’t settle for a good job, when we can do a great job. Getting the best results for our clients involves customer service and expert results. Instead of relying on traditional by-hand removal, Gorillas use high-powered vacuums to suck up dirt and blockages. Gutters and downspouts are made up of both covered and uncovered areas. This means that even if everything looks cleared away, there are potential problems hiding out behind the scenes. Our Gorillas treat and water test drains to make sure that your system is running smoothly.

Our Gorillas use digital before and after photos to showcase the clean slates that we leave behind. This is just one way we make life easier for our clients. Having the ability to show customers the gutter cleaning process enables them to identify problem areas, and just how much debris had built up in those spaces. Experts highly recommend twice annual service, in the Spring and Fall. However, we’re happy to tailor your service dependent on your particular needs. If you own a home or business in Burnaby, we know we can help with your gutter cleaning needs.

Don’t Delay Your Gutter Cleaning

Many household tasks and chores are easy to put off for later days. When it comes to gutters, eavestroughs and perimeter drains, this is an awful idea. Every day, more and more foreign materials collect in pipes, layering over themselves and creating clogs. A clogged toilet or sink drain gets attention almost immediately but sky-high blockages are often ignored. With nowhere to go, water just sits against sensitive materials. Areas like roof decking are softened and worn away while additional weight can bow or pull gutters away from fixtures. A damp and covered environment is also ideal for pests to call home. Save yourself the trouble that comes along with water damage, mold and infestations, all by calling a Gorilla for your gutter cleaning needs in Burnaby.

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