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Ordinarily, caring for roof materials is not a top priority for property owners. It is easy to ignore these tough-to-reach areas but this is a huge mistake. Roofing is the last line of defence between your interiors and the elements. When you want the best for your home or commercial property, look no further than your neighbourhood Gorillas.

When it comes to washing roofs, there is no one better to call than a Gorilla. Professional roof cleaning and moss removal can strip away clutter, treat invasive growth and boost curb appeal. When you are ready to extend the life of your roof, all it takes is one call to our team of local experts.

The Importance of Regular Cleaning Services

The surface of your roof is home to a cocktail of organic cast-off and moisture. Everyone knows that leaves drop during the Fall season but there is debris falling all year long. From needles and seed pods to full branches, rooftops are full of unexpected – and unwanted items. Leaving this layer behind means opening the door to moss and damage.

No matter the type of material or shingle, roofing is susceptible to moss, algae and lichen growth. Once it takes hold, moss weaves its way under, over and around asphalt roofing. This growth pulls asphalt shingles away from decking, allowing water to seep underneath.

Applying a pressure wash to softened areas can blast away bits of materials. Small openings like these admit water, which means water damage, rot, mould, staining and even pests. Save yourself the trouble of costly repairs or replacements by having professionals clean your space properly.

Not Your Average Roof Cleaning Service

De-cluttering is a key part of getting results for your roof cleaning. Instead of just brushing debris off of roofs and onto lawns, our Gorillas pack up unwanted items and make sure that everything is carted away properly. Once surface layers have been removed, our specialists have a clear view of what is going on underneath.

Basic roof cleaners and power washing might seem like effective treatment plans but they won’t get the results that you want. Gorilla specialists treat spaces according to their current conditions. Specialty tools and soft wash techniques allow experts to strip away invasive growth without the threat of damage.

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