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  • Identify the tag (examine the substrate)
  • Flag off the area
  • Remove graffiti with eco-friendly solutions
  • Pressure wash the area clean
  • Before and after photos – no damage to property, restore it to new

No matter the size of town or city that you live in, everyone is familiar with graffiti. These unwanted paint jobs range from simple splashes to full-blown murals. If graffiti artists have left their mark on your residential, commercial and industrial property, our Gorillas can help!

Professional Saskatoon graffiti removal can strip away new paint or designs that have been sitting for months, if not years. Amateur removal technique can do more harm than good, so paint removal is best left to the pros.

Getting to Know Graffiti

Graffiti vandalism can range in size and style but the most common form of paint is the “tag”. Tags act as signatures, signalling that one artist has been there and left their mark behind. These can be small, ugly, offensive – or all three! More than an eyesore, these marks can leave a negative impression with tenants, customers and even passersby.

These signatures look terrible but they also invite competition. Where one artist leaves their mark, another will follow. Learning to live with one design might mean seeing several more adding up over time. Quick action and routine maintenance can discourage artists from leaving their marks and get better removal results.

It is easy to ignore a paint stain or two but the longer that these sit, the more difficult they are to get rid of. Sunlight bakes paints deeper down into surfaces. Once this happens, basic techniques are not enough to do the trick. Luckily, our Gorilla crew is experienced in stripping away all stages and styles of paint stains.

Choosing Local Graffiti Removal Services

Street artists are stubborn. There is no way to prevent graffiti from happening but there are better ways to treat it when it does. Gorillas are committed to results and customer service but we are also committed to the environment.

Each Gorilla service begins with a thorough inspection of the stain and surrounding area. From here, environmentally-friendly cleansers are used to loosen surface dirt. From here, our experts have a better idea of what is going on underneath. Pressure or soft washers are then used depending on location and materials.

Everything from pressurized sprays to paint matching can be used as a tool in the fight against graffiti. Once all is said and done, a layer of anti-graffiti coating is applied. This coating can’t stop sprays from appearing but it sure makes them easier to get rid of.

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