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  • All rooftops and valleys to be cleared of branches, leaves and debris
  • High-pressure vacuums and/or by hand removal
  • All downspouts water tested
  • Before and after digital photos

For those homeowners who have made their home in Regina SK, properties have to put up with a lot throughout the year. At their best, walls keep the elements out while roofing handles any organic debris that might come your way. This is a great system, but it only works when all those moving parts are working together – particularly your gutters. If your out-of-reach eavestrough is in need of some attention, just call our Gorillas for your Regina gutter cleaning needs.

Understanding Your Drainage System

When your drainage system is clogged, it means damage to your home. Your gutters play a major role in preventing water damage. With each day that passes, your system is collecting all manner of clutter. Fall months see leaves falling onto roofing, only to be redirected into gutters. Without proper removal, debris sits all winter long, moving into Spring showers.

Blockages prevent water from draining out, so it just sits…and sits…and sits. Excess moisture sitting against sensitive surfaces, like roofing can mean softening and rot. Along with dampness, comes weight. A full gutter is a heavy gutter and this bit of added weight can pull these fixtures away from their fastenings.

Both of these scenarios pave the way for costly damage, but a damp and covered environment is also a perfect place for pests to call home. When you want to protect your home or workplace, start with your perimeter drains!

Getting Those Gutters Clean

Eavestrough cleaning services are one of our most popular callouts and there is no wonder why! Property owners are quick to call professionals for services including heights, slippery surfaces and potential health risks. Every year, Canadian property owners are admitted to hospital due to tumbles from ladders. This is no surprise considering one misstep from those heights can leave you looking like Humpty Dumpty!

Ladders, in addition, can also be added pressure on exterior surfaces, leaving cracks or pulling gutters away from walls. Why bother with the risk when you can have professional gutter cleaning? Gorilla technicians are trained in any and all available safety measures and our services are always insured. Get rid of the guess work with our expert Gorilla technicians.

Regina Eavestrough Cleaning: What We Do

Proper maintenance of homes and commercial properties means addressing issues at both an aesthetic and a safety level. The first step to a proper cleaning is to understand what you are up against. Sticks, leaves and other materials build up and block the flow of water through the gutters themselves. If water cannot move, it begins to stagnate.

Sitting water collects bacteria, rots organic material and acts as a breeding ground for insects. Clearing out blockages and removing debris can be a difficult task but not when you have a team of Gorillas to help. Our expert technicians use high-suction vacuums to remove even the smallest pieces of debris. These tools cover both covered and open gutter systems and are followed up by water-flow testing.

After years of experience in the industry, our specialists know that it is not enough to just flush the gutters, you’ve got to keep them scrubbed clean. When our Gorillas are done with vacuums and sponges, systems are water tested to ensure there is nothing hiding out behind the scenes.

Being thorough is what sets our services apart from the competition. If you are looking for professional gutter cleaning, our Gorillas can treat homes, commercial properties and multi-unit properties in your community.

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