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Nowhere in Canada knows the winter season like the prairies do! Across central Canada, this cold weather is more than a season – it is a state of mind! Even when Saskatchewan residents are enjoying summer, they are still dreading the upcoming cold. Now, a Gorilla might not be able to change the temperature or heavy snowfall outside, but they can help out with the snow accumulating around your property.

Residential and commercial snow removal can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be buried. When you are looking for ice control around your home, co-op or commercial property, let our Gorillas swing into action with our Regina snow removal and salting services.

The Downside of DIY Snow Removal in Regina

The weather in Regina is unpredictable at the best of times. One day might be full of sunshine and warm weather but everything can change over night. Afternoons might see residents unzipping their parkas, but everything refreezes when the sun goes down. This is what makes winter maintenance so problematic.

On average, the Regina area sees over 100 centimetres of snowfall per year, the most of which falls during late night and early morning hours. This is a huge amount of snow to shovel away on your own – especially at an inconvenient time! It would be nice to ignore the snow and hide out indoors, but that still leaves snow building on residential streets.

As tough as it is to keep up, property owners are required to remove snow. Some storms might mean buildup higher than 30 cm of snow. Having to wade through knee-high snow is not only uncomfortable for passersby, visitors and customers, it can be dangerous. This is why there are by-laws for landscaping and snow removal services throughout the year.

Grabbing a shovel and scraping away at roads and sidewalks in front of your home or workspace isn’t an effective way to work. Every year, hundreds of Canadians over-exert themselves trying to clear away unwanted snow build up, some even ending up in the hospital. Aligning yourself with a professional snow removal service means getting results without the back-breaking labour. Our Gorillas are trained to tackle snow and ice for any property type and with the lowest environmental impact possible. When you are ready for great results and peace of mind – just call a Gorilla for your Regina snow removal and salting services.

In addition to slips and falls, not removing snow and ice can have other serious consequences. Leaving a snow ridge near parking lots or street corners can mean blocking intersection sight lines. No matter the level of snow, events still go on and people still go out. Let our experts help to create a safe space for your family, friends and clients.

What A Gorilla Snow Removal Can Do For You In Regina

It can be difficult to track down quality services but instead of hunting around, just call a Gorilla. Our experts boast a roster of services: snow removal, salting, information and emergency services.

Instead of just reacting to things, a Gorilla looks ahead to the future. By monitoring weather patterns, not only in the city of Regina, but across Canada, nothing catches our experts off guard. Instead of scrambling to get the right results, this foresight allows specialists the opportunity to create a game plan.

Many Gorilla snow removal clients are repeat clients, opting for routine services but our experts try to take care of all members of their communities. Gorillas work day and night and are available 24 hours a day. Whether you called for emergency services or are on the regular schedule, you do not have to worry about being spooked by one of our experts.

While performing your snow clearing services, a Gorilla can always be spotted by their brightly coloured uniforms and vehicles. In addition to being committed, our Gorillas are skilled. A narrow clearing of snow cannot suit the needs of every resident. Clearing away the full length of a sidewalk makes sure that anyone with accessibility needs is not left out in the cold – literally!

Why bother wasting time and money on improper removal when you can have it done right the first time? Throwing down salt, sand or other traction-making materials does not do enough to keep pedestrians on their feet. For cost-effective care and the right results, just call a Gorilla for a free snow removal quote.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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