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Nowhere in Canada knows winter like the prairies do! Even when Saskatchewan residents are enjoying summer, they are dreading the upcoming cold. There might not be anything that anyone can do about the temperature but our Gorillas can help with the snow! If you are feeling overwhelmed with the weather, don’t get buried when you can call professional snow removal services! Let our Gorillas swing into action for your strata or commercial snow removal service.

So-Long Snow

The weather in Regina is unpredictable at the best of times! One day might be full of sunshine and warm weather but everything can change in as little as 48 hours. It is not uncommon to leave the house in the early morning, only to find that snow has fallen during the night. On average, this prairie city sees over 100 centimetres of snowfall per year. This is a huge amount of snow to shovel away on your own! It would be easy to simply ignore the issue while hiding out indoors, but property owners have a responsibility for maintenance during the winter season.

Having snow clogging up your walkways sets a negative tone for your whole day. By aligning yourself with a professional service for your commercial properties or residential snow removal – you get results! Our Gorillas are trained to tackle snow and ice for any property type and with the lowest environmental impact possible. When you are ready for great results and peace of mind – just call a Gorilla for your Regina salting and clearing services.

Regina Snow Clearing & Salting: What A Gorilla Can Do For You

More than running a snow blower over the pathways of your property, our Gorillas provide services including custom ice control and methods for removing snow. Professional snow clearing services guarantee a safer, more accessible home or business. Our services cover residential, commercial and multi-unit strata properties. If you are wondering what sets our Gorillas apart from the competition, the answer is simple: commitment. Each and every Gorilla specialist is local to your area, so you can expect prompt service and dedicated results.

Instead of only providing reactionary services, our Gorillas are available for routine visits, as well as emergency call outs 24 hours a day. Over the course of a regular day, it is difficult to keep up with incoming weather patterns. While most residents can’t keep up with these patterns,
we monitor weather patterns in order to be prepared for anything. Gorilla technicians work day and night and are even available for 24/7 for emergency call-outs. Snow dumps are hard enough to contend with by ice patches are downright dangerous. Don’t bother with these weather-wrongs but let our Gorillas do the heavy lifting!

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