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March 26, 2020

Snow Removal Ottawa

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Ottawa is known to embody all things Canada – and that means winter. Our country is known for heavy snowfalls, so it only makes sense that you would find it in our nation’s capital. Just because it is part of the landscape does not mean that property owners should be overrun with snow and ice. If you are having a tough time managing low temperatures and slippery surfaces, you are not alone! Getting ready for the winter season is as easy as calling in a Gorilla. A proper Ottawa snow removal and salting can take care of winter woes and let you enjoy the season!

Professional Snow Removal in Ottawa

On average, Ottawa sees 175 centimetres of snow per year, or 5.74 feet – that is taller than some residents! Waking up to a pile of snow is enough to put anyone in a bad mood. More than being an unpleasant sight, scraping away snow accumulation takes up valuable time and presents a dangerous obstacle. Trying to climb through snow can result in slips or falls – not to mention the dreaded wet sock! Improper removal techniques with rudimentary tools like snow shovels lead to muscle strains or pulled backs. While snow is a pain, ice might as well be a ticket to the E.R. Providing safe passage for visitors or customers is more than a courtesy, it is part of the law! Whether you realize it or not, there are by-laws in place throughout communities that protect the public from slips. Not clearing away buildup can result in hefty fines. Calling in a professional snow removal service takes the bit out of winter by passing off the tough stuff.

What Sets Gorilla’s Ottawa Snow Removal Service Apart

There are plenty of snow removal operations throughout Ottawa. In fact, private services are a huge industry all over Canada. With so many options, it can be difficult to tell which one is going to fit your unique needs. Sure, a kid with a shovel can push snow from side to side but creating a clear and safe environment takes serious experience. After years in the industry, no one does it better than a Gorilla. Our experts are trained to tackle snow and ice buildup from residential, commercial and multi-unit properties. So, what are the keys to our success?

Preparation: Even though Canadian climates can be unpredictable, our Gorillas are ready for anything. Monitoring incoming storm fronts and temperature drops allow our experts to create an action plan to meet the needs of our clients. The best way to manage snow and ice is to keep ahead of it. By watching the skies and following weather reports, experts can reduce the amount of unwanted surprises that property owners are facing.

Equipment: Each property type requires a unique approach. What works for a single, unattached home won’t work for a commercial space or parking lot. In order to keep up with demand, our Gorillas have an arsenal of tools behind them. There is no amount of snow that our Gorillas can’t handle. Whether snow is accumulating around storefronts or homesteads, we have the tools to tackle it all. Shovels and elbow grease cover small areas while blowers treat extended walk ways and snow plows can handle large, cleared areas.

Access: Gorilla Property Services in Ottawa offer around the clock, emergency care for snow removal. For the most part, snow falls during the late night and early morning hours when everyone else is sleeping. Offering emergency call out services 24 hours a day means that residents aren’t getting buried! For those late night services, you don’t have to be worried about being woken up! Gorillas work quietly at night but they are hard to miss. Bright and colourful uniforms make it possible to quickly spot and identify our experts, even against a flurry.

More Than Snow Removal

When aiming for a clear and passable property, there is more to look for than basic snow removal. Ice can be right out in the open, or it can be buried just below the surface. Whether you can see it or not, ice is always lurking and getting rid of it can be tough. Everyone knows that salt can combat ice but running to your kitchen is not enough to stop slips. Gorillas understand which tools work best, as well as how to use strategic placement and techniques to get the best possible result.

Gorillas know how to navigate melting and formation. As temperatures rise during the day, snow melts and pools around dips and grooves; cracks and crevices; and along steep inclines. This can makes road surfaces and textured construction materials just as slippery as a skating rink. By identifying problem areas and assessing them alongside clients, Gorillas help to keep pedestrians safe in Ottawa. When you want your property to be as clear and passable as possible, call our Gorillas. Our services can be made to fit any residential, multi-unit or commercial property. No matter your space, call today to book an appointment with our Ottawa Gorillas.

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