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snow removalCanadians are made for winter, there is no doubt about that. We play in it, work in it and thrive in it – but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a pain. Every year, snow fall and ice build up pave the way for slips, trips, falls and frostbite. Instead of going toe-to-toe with Jack Frost, let our highly-trained Gorilla technicians handle him for you. Our Oakville snow removal and salting gives you the best results possible, without the back-breaking workload.

Withstanding Winter

Winters can be tough across Ontario. There are cold evenings and even colder mornings and the last thing that you want to be doing is digging a shovel into a pile of snow. The only thing more difficult than keeping warm through winter, is doing while you are stuck outside taking care of your property. More often than not, snow comes at inconvenient times, particularly during the late night and early mornings hours. How nice would it be to have fairies coming out of the woodwork to clear this snow away before you woke up? We might not have fairies but we do have Gorillas.

Every year, hundreds of Canadians are admitted to the hospital for slips, trips and sprains associated with shovelling and ice removal. Snow may fall light but it is heavy once it piles up. Save yourself the hazard with a helping paw or two from our technicians. By partnering with Gorilla Property Services, you are committing to a clear, passable and inviting space.

oakville snow removal

Oakville Snow Removal & Salting: How We Work

Our Oakville snow removal and salting services are preventative and not reactionary. This means that instead of waiting for communities to become overwhelmed with snow and ice, we prepare for storms in advance. No one can predict the weather but we can keep an eye on it. This allows us to prepare for storms, as well as melting.

Ice salting is not as easy as throwing down a handful of salt. It is an art form to learn where to place salt and where it will be most effective. Let us help you keep your footing with our Oakville snow removal and salting.