Oakville Window Cleaning

Gorilla Property Services offers professional window cleaning in Oakville. With the right tools, technique and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, our Gorillas get the best results for our commercial and residential clients, every time.
The windows around your property are more than just another fixture – they impact your heating, lighting and overall quality of life. It is easy to let panes become spotty, streaked or dirty but our Gorillas can help fix that problem. Call us today for our expert window cleaning services!
  • Professional Services don’t bother with basic blue cleaners, but opt for special solutions and rubber tools. Proper techniques leave commercial and residential windows looking cleaner for longer and our Gorillas have all the right moves!
  • Prevent Damage with twice annual glass treatments. Our Gorillas highly recommend opting for regular maintenance to clean off porous materials and avoid costly (and unnecessary!) repairs. Glass might be the main focus of our exterior window washing but our specialists take care of frames and sills as well.
  • Treat High Windows with a professional commercial and residential window cleaning system. Lower level windows are treated by hand with an eco-friendly cleaning agent and rubber squeegees. For panes that are out of reach, our Gorillas use a mobile water source and water-fed poles to achieve a streak free shine.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions area priority for our Gorillas. Because of our commitment to the environment, Gorillas are sure to section off work areas to prevent any potential run-off of cleaning solutions.
  • Complete Insurance Coverage works for us, so we can work for you. There are always risks with handling heights, so our specialists are ready for anything. Not everyone opts for insurance, but our Gorillas wouldn’t go anywhere without it.  
  • Same Day
  • Free Estimates
  • Eco Friendly
  • Fully Insured
  • Satisfaction
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Oakville Window Cleaning

Other Services we offer in Oakville

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Reduce risk of dryer fires or ineffective machines with routine dryer duct cleaning. In multiunit or strata properties, clothes dryers see a lot of action and are always accumulating debris. Let our Gorillas ditch the lint from your ducts, all while improving air quality and helping you save on energy. A full 360 view of your dryer ducts ensure that no clog is left behind.

Soft Washing

Clean exterior walls are only a phone call away with our Gorillas. Our experts swing into action to provide expert results for your house washing needs. Let us scrub and disinfect vinyl siding, stucco and other troublesome materials to give your residential or commercial a brand new look.

Snow Removal

Keep properties clean and passable with regular snow removal and salting. Whether we are working with plows, shovels or snowblowers, our experts can clear homes, commercial and strata properties. Don’t pull a muscle when you can call a Gorilla for our routine or emergency call-out snow clearing services.

Roof Cleaning

Keep roofs clean and moss-free with the help of our Gorilla experts. Proper roof maintenance involves complete removal of roof clutter and debris along with safe methods of getting rid of invasive growth. Let a Gorilla put in the grunt work while you stay safe on the ground!

Pressure Washing

Help make the right impression with a clean exterior for your home or commercial property. Professional power washing services can take years of dirt, grime, mildew or algae off of your space in minutes. All it takes is a routine scrub and spray to keep stains away!

Gutter Cleaning

Our Gorillas use specialty vacuums and techniques to remove clutter and debris from exterior gutters. Get your residential or commercial eavestrough clean in covered and opened areas, along with downspouts. Let our Gorillas keep your gutters running smoothly with expert service and results.

Graffiti Removal

Get rid of graffiti with professional spray paint removal.. Our Gorillas remove offensive graffiti or ugly designs with specialized paint removal tools and techniques. Say goodbye to tags without fear of paint bleeding or shadows being left behind.


As the owner of Gorilla Property Services, I personally have 20 years' experience in the property maintenance industry. With experience comes knowledge. Knowing what products work and when to use them, knowing how to apply them in a fashion that suits the environment you are in, and many more "tricks of the trade" are features that must be earned through time with trial and error over the years. Not every technician makes the cut either. Hand picking our technicians from a pool of applicants is also an advantage Gorilla Property Services has over any other cleaning company.

Oakville Property Services


There seemed to be a lot of companies like ours, but nobody had that extra little "Spark". Some claimed to be the fastest pressure washers, some claimed to be the best at graffiti removal, some claimed to be the most efficient snow removal, and a good chunk of them claimed to be the "cheapest" price in town. Our system is simple. When one of the "Monkey Trucks" (this is what most of the kids call our vehicle when they see them!) pulls up for service, the Gorilla technician will go the extra mile and perform the highest level of customer service possible.

Our clients don’t have to worry or question the level of the technician’s ability, as each and every Gorilla Technician goes through the same rigorous training period and process, to ensure they'll do a great job in Oakville and the surrounding areas, before hopping into the Gorilla Mobile.

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