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New Westminster is known for heritage homes and hills. Steep drops and hilly slopes are a part of the scenery in this town but they make winter months all the more treacherous. Fighting back against slippery or dangerous surfaces means contending with snow and ice. The good news is that you aren’t alone in the fight! Gorilla specialists are ready and able to provide local New Westminster snow removal and salting services for residential, commercial and strata properties in your area.

Dreading Snow Drifts

British Columbia might not be known for heavy snow fall but that doesn’t mean that properties are out of the woods. In order to remove snow, owners and residents have to be ready to scrape their sidewalks clean at any time of day or night. Between full-time jobs and a busy personal life, this isn’t always possible. There are plenty of obstacles between residents and clear spaces but whether it is a lack of time, physicality ability or just that you don’t want to, snow clearing still has to be done.

Every year, property owners take their removal services into their own hands. This method might appear to save you a bit of money here and there but it certainly isn’t worth the trouble. Muscle sprains and strains are a regular occurrence – and that is just for homes! Tackling a commercial property is even worse. Complicated spaces and parking lots can’t exactly be handled with a simple snow shovel. Property management can be a complicated process but our team of experts has all the knowledge, dedication and snow removal equipment to keep up.

Gorilla Snow Removal Services

Having snow and ice removed from any property is no picnic, but there is no avoiding it. In fact, there are even by-laws in place to make sure that the job gets done. Bylaw No. 6027, 1991 states that property owners and residents in New Westminster are required to perform snow removal and de-icing immediately after a snow storm. This is where a reliable snow removal company comes in handy!

Instead of leaving properties up to the elements, our team of specialists have developed a system that keeps communities clean. Snow tends to fall most during late night and early morning hours. This means that owners have to be keeping an eye on the skies at all hours. By monitoring weather networks and keeping an eye on incoming storm fronts, our experts stay ready for anything. Gorilla services are available as part of regular maintenance routines or as emergency call-outs, 24 hours a day.

As temperatures drop, snow and frost are expected. When this is the case, our Gorillas are on-site the night before, meticulously salting all exposed common areas. A thorough salting can prevent any initial build-up and help to avoid accidents altogether. You don’t have to worry about our Gorillas waking you up – even when they are working the graveyard shift. During late night hours, by-hand removal is used around homes while blowers and noisy tools are reserved for more appropriate hours.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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