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New Westminster Snow Removal & Salting

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According to Bylaw No. 6027, 1991, property owners and occupants in New Westminster are required to have snow and ice removed from sidewalks abutting their property by no later than 10:00 am of the day following a snowfall event.  A responsible business owner would want the general public to have safe access no matter the weather.  However, that can be difficult when dealing with our unpredictable B.C. winters.  It’s necessary to be well equipped and raring to go at the first sign of frost or snow.  As just a part of our annual New Westminster Snow Clearing and Salting Services, our technicians are just that.

When frost or snow is predicted, our Gorillas are on-site the night before to meticulously salt all exposed common areas.  Outdoor surfaces such as parking lots, landings, and walkways are the principal areas for slip and fall injuries after frost or snow.  A thorough salting can prevent any initial build-up avoiding accidents altogether.  We also offer Parking Lot salting with the help of our ‘Gorilla Mobile’.

New Westminster Snow Clearing & Salting: Any Time, Any Place

If snow clearing is required, our technicians are back in the early hours of the morning with snow blowers and shovels.  Our aim is to offer Salting and Snow Clearing with minimal disturbance to the residents of New Westminster.  We also provide before and after photographs for your records.  That way you can be sure your customers and/or residents have safe access to your property. Customers can recognize our Gorillas by our flashy uniforms.  This presence alone lets your customer and/or residents know their wellbeing is a priority for you.  The outstanding job our technicians do takes care of the rest.

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