New Westminster Window Cleaning

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  • Reach up to 4 stories high from the ground
  • Water fed and/or by hand, using a squeegee
  • Frames and sills wiped clean
  • Before and after photos

Sunny days are a beautiful thing, especially on the west coast. Parting clouds can mean a break from rain and gloom but they can also highlight just how dirty your windows are. Clouded glass, water spots, streaks and even bird droppings are all a pain for your panes. Instead of just looking awful, dirty glass is dangerous to materials. Instead of dealing with costly repairs, have a Gorilla handle your New Westminster window cleaning.

The Importance of Routine Care

Scheduled care and maintenance is different for every property. Most owners are quick to book gutter cleaning and pressure washing services but windows are often ignored. These fixtures are vital for maintaining a warm and welcoming space around residential and commercial spaces. Not everyone is aware of this, but glass does break down in certain cases. After all, it is porous. This means that sitting dirt seeps down into pores, degrading materials from the inside out. This is what makes quick action and recurring care so important.

Property owners are quick to reach for basic cleaners, paper towels or even soapy water and a spray bottle to clean away stains. These might provide a superficial effect but using the wrong type of cleaning solution is the same as not doing the job at all. Exterior window cleaning is a more complicated process than it seems. There are plenty of old wives tales associated with a streak-free shine. Instead of falling for another hoax, call a Gorilla for window cleaning services that work.

New Westminster Window Cleaning: Getting Results

A top to bottom clean is harder to get than you might think. It is easy to get caught up focusing in on glass but window frames and sills need attention too. Microfiber cloths might do well enough to scrub away collected dirt and debris but these can’t be used on glass. Sure, this method leaves streaks behind but it also leaves dirt. Instead of settling for subpar results, let our Gorillas do what they do best: clean!

Our Gorillas use a system of environmentally friendly window cleaners, combined with speciality tools to get the job done right. Following disinfecting agents with rubber squeegees neutralizes static cling, keeping windows lint free and reduces the risk of clutter forming back up again. Static cling comes from friction, which comes from wiping. Try as you might to run a newspaper over panes, hoping for a decent result, you might be making the problem worse!

At the ground level, window washing might mean standing on your tip-toes but anything higher becomes problematic. Inaccessible areas like skylights, roof glass or even awnings are highly problematic for property owners – but not for our Gorillas. By using water-fed poles (or Tucker Poles) to reach higher places and windows up to four storeys. These tools are long, adjustable poles with a brush on the end, with water running through it, enabling Gorillas to scrub and clean all areas of your window from the safety of the ground.

The Gorilla Advantage

There are plenty of firms out there, claiming to get the best results for your property maintenance. Now, saying it is one thing, but our Gorillas put our money where our mouths are! Each member of the Gorilla is team is not only highly-trained, but they are highly experienced and extremely careful. Every property has its own quirks and weak spots, so it is important to be careful with your construction materials. This is why each specialist is fully insured from the moment that they step onto your property, to the moment that they leave. You can rest easy knowing that our team always uses top-of-the-line safety equipment, but this extra bit of coverage offers peace of mind. ‘Before and after’ photos are also used to show off results to clients who would not otherwise see them.

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