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  • Save the sewers – installing drain guards to catch all oil and sediment from entering the water
  • Apply the eco-foam to eliminate dirt, grime and buildup
  • Pressure wash the areas clean
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For property owners, cleaning the exterior of your home is one of the toughest jobs around. Simple scrubbing is not enough to clean away years of stuck-on dirt and buildup. Don’t just learn how to live with your outdoor space – learn to love it!

Calling in professional Langley pressure washing services means digging deep into cracks, crevices and textures to lift and remove the root cause of staining and unwanted growth. An in-depth clean means boosting curb appeal and preserving the condition of your home, multi-unit or commercial property.

Understanding Your Pressure Washing Services

In a damp climate like the one in Langley, property maintenance might as well be a full-time job. Strong winds, tons of rain and salt in winter means that the outdoor areas around your home or workspace might be looking a little rough. Many outdoor spaces come along with a lot of texture, which makes getting rid of buildup all the more difficult.

In addition to looking awful, unwanted growth like moss, mold or algae can be dangerous. Algae forms against harder construction materials, like concrete. Organics like this make surfaces slippery, meaning a higher risk of slips and falls. Over time, neglecting areas like patios, decks driveways, sidewalks and retaining walls can mean damage, so algae and moss removal are a must.

Pressure washing services might be one of our most popular call-outs in Langley and across the Lower Mainland but many clients are still in the dark about the process itself. Instead of grabbing a scrub brush and trying to tackle tough areas, pressure washing your home requires the right tools and techniques. A power washer uses highly pressurized water to treat ground-in stains and growth like moss or algae. A bit of pressure might be able to remove dirt but this doesn’t mean that you can point and shoot wherever you’d like.

Aiming a pressure washer at vinyl siding can mean water damage, mold and even breakage. DIY pressure washing can mean a quick run to the hardware store to rent one of these power tools. In the wrong hands, highly pressurized water can break windows, delicate materials and leave behind nasty scrapes. Get the goods without the risk by calling a Gorilla!

The Gorilla Pressure Washing Method

The main goal of any Gorilla is to get the best results possible for every one of our clients in Langley and surrounding areas. The best way to get results when pressure washing, is to not only treat the surface stains that are leaving their mark, but to get rid of the cause as well. The Gorilla approach involves a treatment of eco-friendly cleaning agents, used to loosen surface debris. Once the easy stuff is pushed to the side, the heavy lifting can begin. Stubborn stains are scrubbed with Gorilla Brushes and then blasted with expert precision.

Safety is the top priority of our specialists, both for our staff and your home. Before machines are fired up, our experts assess the condition of your Langley property to avoid any unnecessary damage. Any water outlets around homes and commercial spaces are protected from contamination with FLOGUARD technology. Each and every member of the Gorilla team is fully insured for personal and property damage, so clients always have peace of mind.

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