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Canada is known around the world for being a winter wonderland but managing cold weather is not always nice for property owners. No matter the size of your property, snow and ice are always a problem. Not clearing away snow accumulation or failing to de-ice a sidewalk can result in slips, injuries and even fines for by-law violations.

Whether you are dealing with a single cm of snow or a foot, it can feel overwhelming to have snow building up around your property. If you are having a hard time keeping up with the climate, call a Gorilla for your Halton Hills snow removal and salting.

Snow Clearing: Understanding Your Responsibility

Keeping clean and passable walkways is important to any property – not just for convenience but for safety! Public works and city services are responsible for keeping roadways, bus stops and communal areas clear but that does not do much for private property. For residential snow removal or clearing around commercial spaces, storefronts and even strata properties, owners are on their own.

When it comes time to clear a sidewalk, plows are not always at the disposal of homeowners or managers and neither are salt trucks. The majority of small scale snow removal is carried out with basic methods, like shovelling. Grabbing a snow shovel seems simple enough but the wrong technique can quickly lead to pulled backs, strained muscles and even trips to the hospital.

Packed snow is heavy and hard to break through. Without constant removal, accumulation becomes hardened, making removal harder and limiting mobility, particularly when it comes to street parking. It is not uncommon for even sensitive areas to become blocked up, covering and hiding fire hydrants and even curbs or medians.

Salting & Snow Removal Services: Going Gorilla

The town of Halton Hills is no stranger to snow falls. Throughout the snowy season, homeowners can expect to contend with nearly 5 feet of fresh fallen snow. This might fall overnight, melting over the course of a warm afternoon. This seems like a quick fix to snow clearing but it actually creates larger issues with ice.

If snow is bad, ice is worse. Not handling a thorough de-icing means posing a risk to tenants, visitors, customers and even passersby. Should someone slip and hurt themselves, this could very well mean a liability suit for property owners. From driveways to storefronts and even parking lots, salting can help to keep visitors on their feet.

Snow storms are unpredictable but our Gorillas know how to spot a problem on the horizon. By monitoring incoming weather patterns, our highly trained specialists are prepared for anything. Bad weather does not keep a 9-5 schedule and that is why our Gorillas offer scheduled services, as well as emergency services 24 hours a day.

The Gorilla Level of Service

Anyone can shuffle snow from one area to another but this is not enough to get results. In fact, just piling snow can lead to water damage. As these piles of accumulation begin to melt, water is up against foundation seams and even windows and frames. Sitting water leads to rot which means expensive repairs and replacements.

Instead of treating current issues while creating problems for the future, our Gorillas offer a complete clean, every time. In addition to treating properties according to their needs, specialists offer up helpful tips and tricks to keep properties running smoothly, no matter the time of year.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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