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The higher points of a property are often out of view but that does not mean that they are not an important feature of any structure. Black streaking and discolouration might lend an ugly visual but moss, algae and clutter can cause structural damage. Instead of waiting for the worst, call a Gorilla for routine Halton Hills roof cleaning and moss removal. 

Roof Cleaning Services: Boost Curb Appeal & Prevent Damage

You don’t have to hit those heights to see that your roof is in rough shape. Even from the ground level, it is possible to see clutter collecting against surfaces. Depending on the style of plant life around your home, commercial property or multi-unit space, roofs can quickly become cluttered up with leaves, twigs, needles, seed pods, pinecones and other items.

When a roofing system becomes covered in debris, it does not only look terrible but it can lead to moss growth. Even a bit of moss can grow rapidly, weaving itself over and around shingling, reaching down to the sensitive decking underneath. As moss begins to take over, it softens vulnerable materials, causing damage.

Hiring a roofing contractor in Halton Hills to have roofs installed is great but what happens to these fixtures afterward? Not all roofs are built the same way. From flat roofing to peaked styles, asphalt shingling, concrete roofing, aluminum finishes and beyond, these are complicated areas – so leave their care to the professionals.

Seeking Out Quality Roof Care

In order to get the best results for our clients, Gorilla crews have broken roof care into an accessible, multi-step approach. First clutter is removed and any moss growth is addressed. Instead of trying to tackle these problem areas with the wrong tools like wire brushes or dangerous soft washing, our experts cater our approach to your space.

Roof projects are a complicated business. It is always a question as to whether or not to leave your structures in the care of a large company or a family owned and operated business. Locally owned companies offer a distinct advantage in both customer service, results and access.

There are plenty of ways to upgrade your roofing but they do not always need to be full replacements or skylight installation. Routine maintenance is a way to improve the look and condition of your structure without a high price tag or unnecessary risk. Call our team of experienced Gorillas today for you free estimate.

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