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The winter season means different things to different provinces. While the west coast is panicked over a light dusting, eastern cities are being buried in mountains of snow. Instead of looking like a winter wonderland, these heavy dumps of snow mean big trouble for property owners. If you are having trouble keeping up with snow accumulation or just don’t want to spend hours shovelling in the cold, call a Gorilla! You can trust that our Halifax snow removal and salting services will keep your property accessible and welcoming for your family, friends and customers all year long.

The Trouble With Snow in Halifax

Snow might be nice to look at, but it is no picnic to have to wade through. The Halifax area sees an average of nearly 6 feet of snowfall per year and that is a lot to sort out! If you do not keep on top of things, you might be climbing snow piles as high as your chest! For small spaces, grabbing a shovel seems like a sound method of snow clearing but this comes with its own set of issues. Not everyone is keen on spending hours out in the freezing cold, scraping away at sidewalks and road surfaces. In addition to the threat of frostbite, there is back breaking labour required to dig, lift and remove snow. For any residents with physical limitations, this can seem impossible. Luckily, our Gorillas have the right skill set – and muscle! – to get the job done for you. Heavy lifting has never been an issue for our experienced Gorillas, so why not let us help you create the winter environment that you want.

Snow Removal in Halifax, Anytime

Bad weather is always unwelcome but it can be sneaky as well. The heaviest snowfalls tend to happen during the late night or early morning hours. Even while you are hitting the snooze button, snow is accumulating just outside your front door. This means that you might wake up to one heck of a clean up!  Instead of letting winter weather catch us by surprise, our Gorillas monitor incoming weather patterns in order to be prepared. Keeping up with the latest news in incoming weather allows our experts to be prepared for anything, at any time.

When you need to get rid of snow from your property, our Gorillas can accommodate homes, workplaces and multi-unit properties. In order to suit your home, property maintenance experts arrive on-scene with snow blowers, shovels and snow plows. Whether you are dealing with a large area like a parking lot, or something small like an individual walkway, our Gorillas have the right tools for the job. Weather events are not restricted to a daily schedule, so neither are our snow removal experts! Emergency services are available 24 hours a day, in order to keep residents safe from snow and ice. More than just basic snow removal services, our Gorillas provide peace of mind to clients throughout Halifax and the surrounding area.

Dealing With Ice

It is easy to notice when snow piles up around properties but ice buildup is a more subtle danger. Along with any snow removal service, proper winter maintenance services involve salting as well. Handfuls of salt or sand might help at a superficial level but placement is key to keeping residents from taking a spill. Ice can be unpredictable. Even when you think the coast is clear, your boot can land on one bad patch and send you tumbling. As temperatures change, snow can melt, leaving puddles behind that freeze overnight. This can create a treacherous environment but simply throwing salt down on top of ice patches is not enough to stop them from being an issue. There is a subtle art to laying salt. If you are curious as to how our snow removal works, call to speak with one of our Gorillas.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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