Halifax Gutter Cleaning

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  • All rooftops and valleys to be cleared of branches, leaves and debris
  • High-pressure vacuums and/or by hand removal
  • All downspouts water tested
  • Before and after digital photos

Getting your gutters clean is easier said than done but no matter how tough it is, it is always a priority. The eavestrough around your home or business is a very important part of your day-to-day operations but keeping them sorted can be a difficult. Instead of going through the struggle all on your own, our Gorillas can help you through it. Each and every city has its own perks and setbacks when it comes to property maintenance. For your Halifax gutter cleaning, no one does it better than our Gorillas.

The Trouble With Trees Clogging Your Gutters

As it turns out, one of your favourite aspects of a property might be the same thing that is giving you grief. Nova Scotia is known for its natural beauty but when all this nature spills over onto (or into!) your home or business, it can be an issue. When it comes to keeping your eavestrough clear, needles are the enemy. Tree needles either fall or are dislodged and without anywhere to go, they line your roof or fill your eavestrough. With red pine, jack pine, white pine, tamarack, firs and various types of spruce, there is no way to prevent these needles from falling. Instead of fighting off trees in the area, choose a maintenance routine that keeps your gutters clear all year round and prevents damage to your property. Our Halifax eavestrough cleaning digs deep to pull out every last trace of debris, including any needles or mud that create a foundation later along the bottom of your eavestrough.

Reliable Gutter Cleaning Results

There are any number of property maintenance services in the Halifax area. For every dirty job around your home or business, there is a line of people willing to do it for you. That is why our Gorillas have to work hard to set themselves apart from the competition. So, how do our Gorillas stand out from the crowd? By focusing on results, as well as customer service, of course!

Getting up to those gutters is half the battle of getting them clean. Instead of leaning a ladder up against the delicate areas of your drainage system, our Gorillas work carefully. Before work begins, your property is assessed, and proper stand-offs are used to ensure safety for your space and our technicians. Once all the necessary precautions are taken, our Gorillas get to work cleaning out every last piece of debris inside your gutter system. Instead of carrying out your cleaning by hand, our Gorillas break from the traditional method and let machines give us a leg up on blockages. These high-powered vacuums are able to clean out both opened and closed off sections of your gutter system. Once it looks like the system is cleaned out, your gutters are tested to make sure that water is free-flowing.

Even with all the right safety features, you can never be too careful. You never have to worry about risks with a Gorilla, because each of our experts is fully insured. This bit of extra coverage means that your property, and our technicians have got you covered from the ground-up. If you are looking for expert results and a great job that lasts, it is highly recommended that a proper cleaning of your system is performed twice a year. Instead of leaving our customers in the dark about our services, Gorilla technicians keep our clients informed every step of the way. By using before and after photos, our clients can keep an eye on the eavestrough, even with their feet on the ground. This allows our Gorillas to show off not only our results, but the condition of your eavestrough as a whole.

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