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For many property owners, the need for regular roof maintenance goes right over their head. It can be tough to focus your attention on your roof when there are so many other things going on at the ground level – but our Gorillas can help!

Clutter and organic debris are a part of life but they do not have to weigh heavily on your fixtures. Avoid the unappealing street view and invasive growth that comes from sitting debris by calling in local experts for your Brampton roof cleaning and moss removal.

Getting to Know Your Roof Systems

There are plenty of options for roofing materials around any residential or commercial property. Depending on the size and style of your surfaces, and whether you are dealing with asphalt shingles or concrete surfaces, regular cleaning can be a tough sell. Not many people are keen to climb a ladder and deal with soggy debris from inside gutters or on roof surfaces.

Depending on the type of plant life and greenery around your home or workspace, owners and managers can expect a wide range of items dropped onto surfaces. Everything from leaves to full branches or tree needles to pinecones can have a negative impact on your space, both in looks and in overall condition.

Organic materials need moisture to survive and that is why they are designed to trap and hold onto water. A bit of rain, snow melt or even everyday condensation can become trapped in layers of castoff and that creates a perfect place for moss to form – and to spread! A professional roof cleaning service not only sweeps surfaces but identifies and treats moss as well.

Managing Moss

Even a bit of invasive growth can mean a whole lot of damage. Moss is aggressive and is known to spread rapidly in the right conditions. As this invasive growth spreads, it weaves itself under and over shingles, reaching the decking underneath and softening these construction materials. With the right care, roofing can last for more than a decade but moss can quickly lead to costly repairs and even full roof replacements.

Every year, property owners try to tackle moss with amateur approaches, like pressure washing. The thought is that high pressure sprays will eliminate black streaks but the wrong technique around vulnerable materials can mean water damage. Part of what makes DIY so appealing is cutting costs but that is why our Gorillas offer free estimates and competitive pricing.

There is never a bad time to call a Gorilla for your property care and service in the Brampton area. Our experts can handle everything from window cleaning to soft washing to gutter cleaning (eavestrough cleaning) and even graffiti removal. Whatever your needs, our Gorilla crews are fully insured and highly trained to get the job done right. Call today for your free quote.

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