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Weather conditions in Canada are unpredictable and no one knows that like Ontario. The Brampton area can flash from sunny and warm to bone-chilling snow falls. Whether it is an inch or a cm of snow, every little bit can be an inconvenience, but our Gorillas are here to help. Whether it is your home or your business, professional Brampton snow removal and salting can benefit your space.

Snow Clearing: Don’t Try This at Home

Around public spaces, the city offers contracted snow removal services. While you might spot snow plows or salt trucks trailing communal areas, this does not do much for private properties or secondary roads.

For the average homeowner, keeping up with snow fall can be difficult. From daily dustings to overnight snow storms, getting a handle on snow and ice can feel like a full-time job. Even a bit of neglect can lead to not only an unappealing visual but a dangerous environment as well. High stepping snow drifts is unpleasant but slipping on ice might as well be a ticket to the emergency room.

Lifting any amount of snow can lead to muscle sprains and strains, which can have a negative impact on your body and ultimately, on your property. This is bad enough when dealing with the sidewalk in front of your home but parking lots and larger commercial spaces are even worse. Don’t bother with back-breaking labour when you can call a Gorilla to get the job done safely, effectively and quickly.

The Gorilla Guarantee: Commercial and Residential Snow Removal

The daylight hours might be great for skating, skiing or just the odd snow angel but winter nights are a lot less fun! As temperatures drop, your area is more likely to experience snow and ice formation. Any snow melt that occurs during a the day will re-freeze overnight, creating skating rinks around outdoor areas.

When you need to remove snow buildup or patches of ice, quick action is the key to success. Just 24 hours after the snow fall, properties are subject to by-law violations. Snow accumulates quickly but our Gorillas are faster! Instead of sticking to a 9-5 schedule, our Gorilla crews offer scheduled care, as well as emergency call out services.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by winter weather, please call a Gorilla to clear a path around your property. Our experts are fully insured, highly-trained and locally owned and operated. Call today for a free quote.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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