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Nobody likes dealing in heights. Even if you are not afraid of reaching sky-high fixtures, every rung of the ladder means an increase in danger. Because of this, many property owners are quick to delay treating their roofing and perimeter drains. When you want the best for your home or workspace, our Barrie roof cleaning and moss removal gets the job done right!

What Makes Roof Cleaning So Difficult?

Depending on the age, type and size of your structures, you can expect different roofing materials. From asphalt shingles to concrete and metal roofing, our Gorillas know how to handle it all! Instead of just spraying and scrubbing, our team of experts use top of the line tools and techniques to avoid unnecessary damage.

The elements can be rough and your roof takes the worst of it. Debris, moisture, pests and average wear and tear all leave their mark on fixtures. Using harsh treatments like pressure washers can soften decking, break shingles and pave the way for costly repairs and replacements.

In the same way that a heavy hand means damage, a too-gentle approach doesn’t get results. Aiming a garden hose at debris might give it a slight push, but in the end, all it does is clog up gutters. Proper soft washing can help to remove clutter in all forms and removes invasive growth like moss.

Finding a Cleaning Solution That Works

Basic cleaning products may claim to get rid of most discolourations but the only thing that gets rid of invasive growth is experienced removal. At Gorilla, each cleaning service begins with a proper de-cluttering. Instead of pushing debris from one area to another, our experts bag up and remove items, giving a clear view of what is growing underneath.

From here, surfaces are inspected and assessed in order to find the best course of action. Then, treatments can begin! Speciality tools and soft washers are combined in order to strip away moss growth without damaging construction materials underneath. When you want the best results for your home, commercial space or co-op property, call your local Gorilla for a free quote.

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