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When the sun is out and the weather is warm, property owners are quick to carry out lawn maintenance and grass cutting. Proper lawn care can help visual appeal but when that mercury begins to drop, it is all buried in snow fall. Snow and ice are a huge problem for most, but they don’t have to be!

One call to Gorilla Property Services makes Barrie snow removal and salting a part of your winter maintenance routine. Save yourself the muscle strain and headache of managing snow accumulation and slippery surfaces. Put your winter service into the hands of the pros, creating a safe and inviting outdoor space.

What Makes Snow Clearing So Difficult?

If lawn cutting requires technique, snow removal is an art form. Pushing a shovel and collecting buildup is one thing but snow plowing and blowing is a bit more complicated. Throughout Ontario, snow does not just happen here and there but can be an every day event. If you feel like you are being buried by bad weather and unpleasant storm fronts, let us help you out!

Each property has its own advantages, quirks and setbacks that can make property maintenance that much harder. When treating a sidewalk, plows won’t do you much good but a shovel can’t handle a parking lot. In order to treat problem areas, you need an arsenal of different equipment that requires a lot of upfront capital and maintenance costs – plus storage!

In addition to a laundry list of tools, proper removal requires a certain amount of physical ability. Heavy lifting is not for everyone, and trying to take matters into your own hands can result in sprains, strains, slips and falls. Whether you are looking to de-ice frozen walkways or clear a path, our Gorillas have got you covered.

Expert Snow Removal Services

When trying to manage winter weather, it is important to break services into two categories: de-icing and snow clearing. The trick to both of these is to be prepared for anything. Instead of keeping a strict 9-5 schedule, our Gorilla experts monitor weather patterns 24 hours a day. By keeping an eye on the skies, we are ready for anything!

This level of service means our teams are able to provide anti-icing treatments and removal of buildup at any time of day or night. For those late night or early morning treatments, the right tools are used so your neighbours won’t be woken up. Each member of the team is fully uniformed in bright colours and fully insured while they are on the scene.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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