Wood Buffalo Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

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When you want your property looking its best, you have to start low and end high. It is easy to clean up yards or decks but harder to reach upper levels and roofs. Just because roof clutter is hard to reach does not mean that it gets a free pass! If you can’t handle heights physically or mentally, have a Gorilla handle them for you. Pass the buck on your Wood Buffalo roof cleaning and moss removal, and get the job done without lifting a finger.

What Is Cluttering Your Roof

The most common types of clutter across your roof come in the form of organic debris. Leaves, sticks, seed pods and needles are known to form a layer of unwanted items over roofs in the Wood Buffalo community. This type of clutter obviously does not look great but it can mean a lot more than just a bad impression. This type of debris holds on to moisture and can allow invasive plant growth to take root. Depending on the type of roofing that you have, this can mean algae or moss growth. Both of these growths create slippery surfaces and are threats to the structural integrity of your roof. As moss begins to spread, it weaves itself underneath shingles and rests against sensitive areas of your roof. Over time, this close association can lead to softening of materials, water damage, leaks and require costly repairs. Instead of inviting problems in, keep them out with a little help from our Gorillas. Our Wood Buffalo roof cleaning and moss removal can help you get the most out of your roof.

Wood Buffalo Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal: How We Work

By removing clutter from the surface of your roof, our Gorillas can have eyes on any growth that has formed underneath it. Approaching moss removal with the wrong tools or technique can result in even more damage to your roof. While materials are softened due to sitting moisture. The wrong tools, such as wire brushes can pull away protective coatings or actual sections of building material. Don’t take chances with improper removal techniques – call a Gorilla instead. When you call in a professional for your Wood Buffalo roof cleaning and removal, you are getting full results without the risk of DIY treatment methods.

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