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If Canada is known for anything (other than hockey and politeness), it is snow! Cold temperatures are part of what puts this northern country on the map for tourists worldwide. As great as it might be to spend a day on the slopes, caring for properties is no walk in the park. Instead of being buried this winter, call a professional to do the heavy lifting for you!

As snow accumulates around roadways and sidewalks, it becomes more than an inconvenience – it becomes downright dangerous. Creating a safe and inviting environment is priority #1 for property owners and managers but this is hard work. A proper Welland snow removal and salting helps to remove buildup and treat patches of ice, helping to keep our clients warm indoors and guests on their feet.

The Advantages of Experienced Snow Removal Services

During spring and summer months, homeowners are easily caught up in lawn maintenance  and garden care but when that mercury drops, snow and ice begin to take over. All it takes is a centimetre of snow to turn the sidewalk in front of your home or business into an ice rink.

Wading through a foot of snow is tough on a good day but for those with disabilities, it can mean a huge negative impact on mobility. Heavy snow fall is also known to bury parked cars, making it even more difficult to get around. In fact, proper snow clearing is so important that it has been written into many city by-laws.

Every city offers road and sidewalk snow removal for public and communal spaces but private properties are left to owners. Not everyone has shovels, blowers and snow plows sitting on standby but our Gorillas sure do! No matter the size of your property, our team of experts can clear away any unpleasantness, leaving only great results behind.

From single homes to commercial spaces and multi-unit properties, there is no space that our team of experts can’t handle. The right tools might make snow clearing possible but it takes training and experience to get the right results.

Going Gorilla For Your Winter Property Maintenance

Whether it is snow removal, lawn care or any type of exterior care, time is always of the essence. When it comes to standing out from the competition, it is important to offer customizable treatment options for clients, according to their space and schedule.

Bad weather does not keep a regular schedule and the majority of snow fall occurs during late night or early morning hours. By offering routine care options as well as emergency call-out services 24 hours a day. From parking lots to sidewalks, there is nothing that our team can’t handle.

Snow might be the main marker of low temperatures but ice is a more subtle, but very dangerous issue. After years of experience, our Gorillas know how to track down areas known for water collection and ice formation. By laying salt directly on these areas, property owners can expect a higher success rate.

Proper snow management can also help to prevent property damage by keeping melt and moisture away from sensitive areas. If your property needs a little help to withstand winter, call today for a free quote.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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