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Across the Greater Niagara Region, roofs are often left out in the cold – literally! These fixtures are constantly up against the elements, but they do not often get the attention that they deserve. There is clutter collecting with every day that passes by, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be buried.

A routine Welland roof cleaning and moss removal helps to keep your space in great shape, boosting curb appeal and prolonging the lifespan of your roof. When you are looking for the best results, in the best time frame, combined with the best in customer service, just call a Gorilla!

Why Should I Choose Roof Cleaning Services?

Depending on the size of your property, it can be difficult to spot clutter building up on surfaces. The prime culprit for this buildup is organic castoff. Everyday items like leaves, sticks, pinecones, pods and needles fall onto roofing and sit there, layering over itself and collecting moisture.

Damp, covered environments are an ideal place for moss growth. Even a touch of moss can be detrimental to roofing materials. Invasive growth, like moss and algae weave under and over shingles, damaging the vulnerable decking underneath. Softened materials can be worn away bit by bit, making way for water leaks, rot, mold and even pests.

There is no doubt that moss is bad news but improper removal can be just as bad! Instead of scraping or pressure washing these areas, it is important to use a lighter touch to avoid damage. Whether you are dealing with a concrete structure or asphalt roof, our team of experts can handle it all!

Building a Maintenance Program That Works

Cleaning off clutter might improve the overall look of your property but it is not enough to keep it in great condition. Once surfaces are clean, our team of experts can assess and treat the level of moss growing underneath. The key to any successful service is a trained eye and great technique from start to finish.

The right brushes or soft washing process is then used to remove moss. From here, the condition of roofing is assessed and reports are given to owners, where they can make a decision on how to move forward with contacting a roofing contractor or repairs or replacements, if necessary.

Choosing local care means having a trusted technician who understands the needs of properties across the Niagara Region, from St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and beyond. If there are already Gorillas roaming your property, consider bundling other difficult services like window cleaning, power washing and gutter cleaning.

If it is time to tune up your living space, call the local property maintenance specialists at Gorilla. Our crew is fully insured from the moment that they step off the truck, to the moment we hit the road again. Call today for a free quote.

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