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For nearly half the year in Canada, snow comes and snow goes and that means a ton of winter maintenance. After months of slips, falls, frozen toes and slushy sidewalks, many property owners are happy to see that cold weather go. If you enjoy the cold, but aren’t keen on snow clearing, leave the heavy lifting to a Gorilla.

Whether on a front yard, in front of a retail store or on residential roads, snow accumulates faster than you can clear it away. The good news is that our Gorillas offer options for snow removal and salting services that range from routine maintenance to emergency call-outs 24 hours a day.

The Right Service For You

During Summer months, home owners are quick to call in lawn maintenance specialists to keep their greenery lush but outdoor areas are often neglected during winter months. Government agencies and plowing operations might handle regional roads but property owners and managers are responsible for their own spaces.

As a property owner, you have a responsibility to create a safe and inviting space for residents, tenants, visitors and customers. This means clearing snow and ice from high traffic areas including driveways, sidewalks, steps and any other walking path.

All over Canada, it is extremely easy to track down a snow removal service but finding the right one for you can be tough. A proper Vaughan snow removal and salting service not only works for your property but works alongside clients to make sure all of your needs are met. So, what are the needs of the average snow removal client? Well, first things first, there is no average client! Each and every property that we service has its own individual needs to be met and catered to. That is why our services can be made to fit your commercial, residential, multi-unit and strata properties.

Vaughan Snow Removal & Salting: Our Method

Gorilla technicians not only operate during the daylight hours but are available for 24/7 emergency call-out services. Snow most commonly falls during the late night or early morning hours, while ice does the same. With that in mind, something as simple as a clearing a walkway can mean a world of difference to your home or business.

Slips and falls can be prevented with one phone call to our colour-clad Gorilla technicians. No matter the time of day (or night) that our Gorillas are servicing your space, you can count on quiet, non-invasive service with expert results. This winter season, call a professional for your snow removal and de-icing needs. Call today for a free quote.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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