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St. Albert Pressure Washing

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Combatting the outside elements of Alberta’s Northwest is no easy feat. Make life easier for yourself and for your property with our St. Albert pressure washing services. There are so many things in the world that can benefit from a simple polishing. Believe it or not – your home is one of them! If a new coat of paint can give a room new life, a simple cleaning can reinvigorate your home’s exterior.
Rinsing off the exterior of your property with a hose or simple water technique only functions as a superficial cleaning.  However, our Gorillas really know how to dig down, cleaning below the surface. Instead of just letting the pressure of the water do the work, our Gorillas use a multi-step technique. This multi-step process in order to give our clients the best possible results. First, the affected surfaces are treated with an eco-friendly solution. This is followed by a scrubbing with our ‘Gorilla Brushes’, used to remove any hardened dirt or grime attached to the surface. Once the surface of your property has been wiped clean, then it is time for our Gorillas to use our mobile power washers.

St. Albert Pressure Washing
St. Albert Pressure Washing

St. Albert Pressure Washing: Vigilance is Key

Routine maintenance of your property can mean all the difference between frequent repairs, replacements and overall enjoyability. You should love the space that you are in! Our St. Albert pressure washing can clear the surface of your home of algae, staining on building surfaces or driveways, efflorescence and even materials left behind by uninvited guests, such as bird droppings. If you feel that our St. Albert pressure washing service could be the right choice for your property, call to speak with one of our knowledgeable Gorillas. Our trained staff are members of your community, and care about your property and that is why we offer assessments as to whether or not our services are right for you.

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