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The lower mainland of British Columbia is not exactly known for its heavy snow falls but a short trip North can make a world of difference. The city of Squamish is no stranger to winter weather and neither are our Gorillas. Squamish residents might have to deal with light dustings of snow throughout the season but December and January can see large quantities of snow and ice. Instead of suffering through an uncomfortable couple of months, let our Gorillas lighten your load. Our Squamish snow removal and salting can be customized to fit your space, so don’t hesitate to go Gorilla.

Hope For Sunshine, Prepare For Rain

Bright winter days make way for outdoor fun but snow brings more than just enjoyment. The risk of slips and falls on steep inclines is high enough without the addition of snow and ice. This can mean big issues to your health and safety as well as those visitors, passers-by, guests and customers. The good news is that our Gorillas are sure-footed and aren’t afraid of a little hard work! When you enlist our Gorillas, you can rest easy while our sure-footed technicians go to work with the proper tools and elbow grease to get your property looking great. Don’t wait until you are wading through a foot of snow, or loosing your balance on ice before developing a treatment plan for your space. Our Gorillas are always looking forward, and working with clients to create a pre-emptive strike against bad weather and accidents.

Squamish Snow Removal & Salting: Our Treatment Plans

Picking up a shovel and removal a path seems pretty straight forward but there is a lot more to snow removal than just that. If you own a commercial property, you can hardly approach a parking lot with a hand shovel and expect a proper result. Heavy duty equipment like snowblowers or plows are better suited to some areas than others. Timing, is also a key factor is a proper Squamish snow removal and salting. You wouldn’t expect to hear a snowblower in the dead of night, but that is often when it snows the most. That is where our Gorillas put their brains to good use, choosing the best tools for the job depending on the makeup of your property.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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