Squamish Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

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Your home or business is mean to be a sort of sanctuary. Taking time out on your property can be relaxing. There is nothing like stretching out on a patio or deck. When you are busy enjoying the ground level of your home or business, your roof is often being overlooked. You might catch a glimpse of a cluttered roof from the street view, but there is a lot more going on when it is up close and personal. Our Squamish roof cleaning and moss removal gets you the birds eye view – without the heights!

What Clutter Means For You

Having a bunch of clutter across your roof mean one of two things. Clutter is caused by: 1) seasonal changes (in which case, removal is due) and 2) it has been a while (in which case, it is still due!). Twice yearly treatments can give your roof a fresh start and keep it in good condition all year round. Having organic debris on your roof not only makes for a bad view but it can damage the structural integrity itself. Dislodged plant life from surrounding trees has nowhere to go but the highest points around, which is usually your roof. This debris sits, building up and retaining moisture. As every good gardener knows, moisture, sunlight and a bit of space is the recipe for healthy plants. This works for both intended and accidental garden projects and its true for moss as well.

Squamish Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Moss might lend a rustic look to homes and businesses all over the Squamish area but it can be a lot more dangerous than a simple houseplant. Moss thrives in damp environments and spreads quickly when it has direct access to large degrees of moisture (like the kind that roof clutter can retain). This moss remains damp, spreading and working its weaving its way over and under the materials of your roof, most notably, your shingles! Moss creeps under shingles and breaks down the materials underneath, causing severe damage to decking. This can lead to large-scale repairs or removals.

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