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  • Specialty cleaning for vinyl siding & sensitive surfaces
  • Can reach up to 5 stories from the ground
  • Non-abrasive
  • Machine fed Eco-foam
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For many property owners, exterior house cleaning is one task that is often overlooked. Over the course of a busy work day, a bit of buildup is easy to miss but after a while these stains leave structures looking poorly. Instead of learning to live with discolouration, have a Gorilla clean the exterior of your home or business.

At Gorilla, our Parksville soft washing services implement top-notch techniques with an eco-friendly twist. While a high pressure approach is known to cause damage to construction materials, a lighter touch and experience can make your house washing a success.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Method

For those structures that are showing staining or signs of wear power washing seems like the obvious choice. High pressure sprays are known to blast away years – or even decades – of buildup and debris but it is also known to blast away materials themselves. Stucco becomes bald, vinyl siding breaks and water damage is inevitable.

When you want results, put away the pressure washers and choose a gentler approach. Low pressure washing services are able to achieve better results, that last longer and don’t have the same risks. The right technique and cleaning solution leaves outdoor spaces clean, shiny and free of moss, mold, mildew and grime.

The Gorilla Guide to Soft Washing

Taking on a home’s exterior is one thing but when it comes to larger or more complicated properties, it becomes more and more difficult. Luckily, our Gorillas have spent years creating an excellent service, including top results, safety precautions, customer service and after care.

Managing complicated or delicate chores such as gutter cleaning or window cleaning is tough and that is why so many property owners lean on professionals. In order to get the best results for our clients, each service is broken down into steps, creating the greatest chance for success.

Inspection: Taking a proper look at current conditions of construction materials means avoiding unnecessary damage without sacrificing results. When met with a power washer, a simple crack, opening or weak spot can let water inside.

Treatment: Our trained technicians use only the best in eco-friendly approaches to get the best results for your cleaning service. Environmentally friendly disinfectant cleaners treat surface stains while low-flow power tools seep into crevices and textures, digging out dirt.

Our experts treat properties around Parksville and its surrounding cities on Vancouver Island. If your home, commercial property or multi-unit environment are in need of a fresh start, call a Gorilla for your free quote today.

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