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A proper maintenance program means top to bottom cleans for every type of property. Some tasks can be tackled in an afternoon but others are trickier, namely roof cleaning and de-mossing. Between slippery surfaces and horrible heights, more and more property owners are opting for professional care for these fixtures.

A professional Parksville roof cleaning and moss removal eliminates the risk of slips and falls while getting rid of clutter and invasive growth. Improper techniques can mean damage and huge costs that come along with repairs and replacements. Calling in experts means local service and excellent results, all at a competitive rate.

The Dangers of Roof Moss and Clutter

Layers of organic debris or clutter might look messy but can cause a ton of unforeseen damage. Plants are designed to hold onto moisture, whether they are attached by a stem or not. Leaves, for example, are able to trap and hold moisture against surfaces. These damp environments are a perfect space to breed moss and algae.

Invasive growth makes surfaces slippery, creating an even more dangerous environment to clean. In addition to slick surfaces, this growth weaves its way over, under and around shingles, pulling them from decking and making way for curling and other damage. Routine cleaning services make it possible to get ahead of growth, extending the lifespan of your materials.

The Benefits of Professional Roof Cleaning Services

When dealing with roofing, it is extremely important to understand the difference between power washing and soft washing. Many property owners are quick to reach for pressure washers when they need to get rid of unwanted growth. A high pressure spray can pull away at weakened areas, leading to leaks, rot, mold, water damage and even pest infestations.

Instead of a heavy handed approach like pressure washing to remove staining or corrosive materials, Gorilla experts use a more gentle technique. Clearing away surface debris is the first step to catching sight of moss, lichen and other invasive growth. From here, our specialists can get to work with an eco-friendly approach.

Our moss control process is 100% environmentally friendly. While most eco-friendly techniques are not remarkable, biodegradable formulas protect properties and tenants. These disinfectant cleansers strip away the easy stuff so our teams can get down to the nitty-gritty.

Setting Ourselves Apart

When choosing professional services, it can be hugely beneficial to bundle your services. Why stop at roof cleaning when you can have your gutters cleaned at the same time. Gorilla Property Services is locally owned and operated, so you can count on timely treatments and excellent customer care both during your service and afterward.

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