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snow removalWhen you hear the word “Vancouver” the mind automatically goes to a bustling downtown and the sunny shores of its beaches. A winter wonderland is not the first thought that comes to mind but it does happen! When you are face to face with snowfall, call in our Gorillas for your North Vancouver snow removal and salting.

Why Go With A Gorilla?

Gorilla Property Services has been in the home maintenance industry for decades. Over that time, we have learned how to keep up with incoming cold fronts and chilly conditions. More often than not, snow falls over the course of the night or in the very early morning. This can make for one heck of a surprise first thing in the morning. Our Gorillas have a system for making sure that you don’t get overwhelmed by these surprises.

Gorilla technicians are very conscious of the needs of our clients. We may be working 24/7 but you never have to worry about being woken up! Over the course of the night, our technicians swing by with manual removal methods. Shovels and good old fashioned elbow grease make up our nightly routines. Reflective vests and flashy vehicles make our team members easy to spot. During daylight hours, we can handle larger spaces with larger machines. Plows and snowblowers can handle commercial spaces.

north vancouver snow removal

Gorilla Technicians, Always Prepared

By partnering with Gorilla Property Services, you will never be blindsided by snow. Instead of waiting for the snow to fall and being inconvenienced, our Gorillas think ahead. Although it is true that you can’t predict the weather, our Gorillas do the next best thing: we monitor. By keeping ourselves up to date on changing weather patterns and expected snowfalls, we are able to provide our North Vancouver snow removal and salting, before you even know that you need it!

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