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Roof care is one of the most commonly ignored household tasks. It is tough to keep up with falling debris, especially when dealing with heights. Not many property owners or managers are keen to climb up to treacherous heights just to sweep off a few sticks or leaves. The truth is that this area is more important than you might think. A well-maintained roof means comfort and safety, so why not keep it in good shape? If your home, commercial space or multi-unit property is due for servicing, call a Gorilla for your Henderson roof cleaning and moss removal.

Don’t Bother With DIY

The fear of heights is one of the most common phobias worldwide, so it is no wonder that most Henderson residents don’t want to climb up a ladder. These tools might be the most common way to gain access to high areas but they are known to be dangerous. It doesn’t take much to make a misstep and fall off ladders but they can also damage property. Excess weight against weakened walls or gutter systems can pull fixtures loose or damage walls. Even if owners do reach roof surfaces, there is still more to worry about! Organic growth makes roof shingles slippery and falls more likely.

While cluttered roofing looks terrible, it is also the first step to moss growth. It is important to not only remove moss from the roof of your home but to do it properly. Plenty of property owners have gone up to their roof sporting rubber gloves, a couple gallons of water, a scrub brush and basic moss killers. Trying to tackle this growth with wire brushes and a bleach solution can actually make matters worse for your roofing. As moss grows it traps and holds moisture against sensitive areas like decking or shingles. Using a stiff brush can actually dig into softened wood and materials, scraping up pieces of wood as it pulls up moss. For this same reason, a pressure wash is a bad idea when it comes to treating roofs. Instead of toying around with ineffective cleaning methods, call in a professional cleaning service to get the job done right.

Going Gorilla

Whether you are focused on your home, small business or a co-op property, our Gorillas can handle it all! Instead of just throwing down a compound of chlorine bleach, our experts kill the moss that you have while preventing moss from forming in the future. Your roof is up against the elements 24 hours a day, but routine maintenance can help to keep growth under control. Once organic debris is swept off of surfaces, our Gorillas have a clear view of any potential moss growth and can treat it accordingly. Instead of just pushing leaves, sticks and seed pods from one area to another, our Gorillas bag unwanted items and take them away. Moss needs to be treated gently so it doesn’t pull away protective layers or damage shingles. The right touch can mean the difference between weakened decking and a sparkling clean roof.

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