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  • All rooftops and valleys to be cleared of branches, leaves and debris
  • High-pressure vacuums and/or by hand removal
  • All downspouts water tested
  • Before and after digital photos

Nearly every property across the Henderson area is outfitted with tens of feet of gutter systems. Despite being a very important part of your home, gutters and downspouts are often neglected. These types of perimeter drain are designed to transport moisture away from sensitive areas and avoid water damage. This sounds great, but the system only works when it is kept in good condition. The best way to avoid clogged gutters is with routine maintenance. Our Henderson gutter cleaning is available year-round for residential, commercial and strata properties.

Debris, Your Gutter and Premature Aging

A single leaf does not feel like much of a threat as it tumbles down from a tree and onto the ground – some might even call it pretty. Over the course of the year, however, leaves fall in the thousands, along with pines cones, seed pods and other debris. If you think raking is hard work, just imagine how tough it would be to clear off roofing! If your gutter is blocked, the best course of action is to call in a professional gutter cleaning service.

So, what is the big deal about a clogged pipe or downspout? Depending on the type of plant life around your property, you can be dealing with a relative ton of organic castoff. Little by little, these pieces land on the surface of your roof, only to end up in drains. Natural debris holds on to dampness, making moist, humid weather problematic. Damp, covered areas are the ideal place for rot. Leaf debris breaks down, leading to muck while acids in the leaves affect surrounding items and create clogs. With water unable to move through the system, it has no choice but to sit against sensitive materials. This can lead to gutter seam leakages, backboard wood rotting, staining and other such problems. Instead of leaving water rusting away the gutter around your work or living space, call a Gorilla instead!

Calling the Gutter Cleaning Professionals

There is no perfect time for gutter cleaning but regular maintenance can mean all the difference to the condition of your space. Most property maintenance experts will recommend gutter cleaning twice annually, usually in the Spring and Fall months. It is easy to say “it’s time” but much more difficult to say “it’s done!”. Plenty of homeowners test their luck on DIY cleaning practices – but they rarely end well. Instead of using a ladder and pair of rubber gloves, our Gorillas have come up with a system that works. All gutters are inspected before work begins. If there are weak points or problem areas, clients are notified right away. Once they have the go-ahead, Back Pack Vacuums are used to suck clogs out of covered and uncovered areas.

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