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For most properties, roofing is out of sight and therefore, out of mind. Even though you can’t see it, your roof surface is constantly collecting new types of debris and invasive growth. Each of these can lead to property damage and costly repairs – but don’t grab that scrub brush just yet!

Taking an amateur approach to vulnerable roofing can make matters even worse! Between damage to soft materials or slips and falls from ladders, DIY cleanings often end in disaster – so leave it to the professionals. At Gorilla, our Georgetown roof cleaning and moss removal cleans surfaces without the threat of unnecessary damage.

Hitting Heights for Your Georgetown Roof Cleaning

Home improvements often happen indoors but property care does not stop at interiors. The overall condition of your home or commercial property is dependant on all aspects of your structure from top to bottom. Regular care from foundations to roof shingles means de-cluttering but it also means treating moss growth as it happens.

Depending on the type of plant life around your property, your roof might be up against everything from seed pods and pinecones to leaves, needles and the odd frisbee or two. With thick layers of organic debris, moisture becomes a real issue – especially when it leads to moss. Tackling invasive growth with a basic moss killer and pressure washing, leaves a trail of destruction behind.

Trying to remove moss from the roof of a home or business is a more complicated process than it looks. Trying to scrape moss away with wire brushes or pressure washers can lead to water damage, headaches and a hefty repair bill. Highly pressurized water sprays can blast holes into vulnerable areas, but our Gorillas have better ways to have your roof moss removed.

The Gorilla Guide to Roof Cleaning Services

When it comes to getting results for your roof care and maintenance, results are important but so is safety. Traditional methods might involve an unsteady ladder and broom. Angled roofs or slippery surfaces are difficult to walk on and can result in slips and falls from heights. Instead of taking a risk on personal safety, each member of the Gorilla team comes outfitted with top of the line safety equipment.

Once proper stand-offs and ties are secured, it is time for our Gorillas to get to work. By first removing any sitting debris, our experts have a clear view of the condition of your roof surface. Instead of just dumping debris onto lawns, items are bagged up and discarded responsibly. With a clearer picture of materials and conditions, moss is treated with an environmentally friendly, customized approach.

In order to maintain condition and prevent moss from coming back, our experts highly recommend a minimum of one cleaning service per year. In order to get the full lifespan out of your materials and your property, try bundling services such as gutter cleaning, window washing and soft washing. Call today for your free quotes.

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