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  • Reach up to 4 stories high from the ground
  • Water fed and/or by hand, using a squeegee
  • Frames and sills wiped clean
  • Before and after photos

There are plenty of worthwhile views in Delta BC. Waterfronts, green spaces and interesting architecture create an inviting environment for residents and visitors – but you need to be able to see them! In a damp climate, the elements are always leaving their mark on properties and your windows are no exception.

Dirt, dust, water spots and even bird droppings settle on your glass, ruining your view and wearing down on your panes. Instead of glancing through grime or squinting through smudges, call a Gorilla for your Delta Window cleaning services.

What To Know About Windows

On its own, glass does not seem complicated but this material has layers to it. At their best, a clean pane can be your ticket to the outside world, bring in natural light and even improve indoor temperatures. These fixtures have a major impact on homes and businesses throughout Delta but as spring cleaning rolls around, they are often ignored.

In fact, it is very easy to neglect your windows. Glass, sills and frames are often out of reach, particularly on properties that are taller than one storey. The longer that debris is allowed to sit on your sills, the more damage it does. It might not seem like it but glass is porous, which means dust and dirt can seep down below the surface. This means weakening from the inside, out which leads to breakage and costly repairs.

Even when they are within reach, window panes are often not cleaned properly. Something simple like a spray bottle of glass cleaner (or vinegar and water) combined with paper towels or microfiber cloths seems like an easy fix, but these do not get the results that you need. Heights make exterior window cleaning a pain but no one wants to put in the effort, only to see dust and lint collecting again immediately after.

This is exactly what happens with DIY methods. Struggling with white vinegar concoctions and strenuous scrubbing is a waste of time and effort without the right technique.

The Gorilla Guide to Window Washing

After years in the industry, our team of experts have come up with a fool-proof system for high quality cleaning results for outdoor and interior windows. Those panes at the ground level are treated with an environmentally friendly window cleaning solution and then finished off with speciality rubber tools.

For those higher windows, a Tucker (or extension pole) can be used to reach areas up to four storeys. Instead of only focusing on glass, Gorillas treat window frames and sills as well, bringing a well-rounded clean to your space. From picture windows to smaller sections, you can count on a Gorilla for quality service and a streak-free shine.

House cleaning and building maintenance requires a ton of different techniques but our Gorillas have mastered them all. From pressure washing to gutter cleaning, our experts keep properties looking their best all year long.

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