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Nearly every property owner throughout Delta BC has a maintenance program to keep structures looking their best. No matter the types of roofs you are dealing with, our Gorillas can clean concrete, tile, asphalt roofing and everything in-between.

Your roof is the first, best and last line of defence between homeowners and the elements. With so much riding on this space, it is important to keep it in good condition. When your home or commercial space is in need of a pick-me-up, call a Gorilla to handle those heights with our Delta roof cleaning and moss removal.

What Is Cluttering Up Surfaces

When inside, it is easy to forget about all the clutter that is building up against the surface of your roof but take a step outside and this is a different story! One glance upward can reveal a blanket of organic debris and maybe even a few surprises. Depending on the type of plant life surrounding your property, you might be dealing with everything from needles and seed pods, to pinecones and whole branches.

Despite the obvious difference in size, each of these items can spell trouble for your space. Organics survive by holding onto moisture, which is great for growth rates but not so nice for your roofing. Whether your property is fitted with asphalt shingles or other roofing material, these spaces are designed to re-direct and manage moisture but that doesn’t make it immune to water damage.

In Metro Vancouver, sitting debris holds moisture against surfaces, paving the way for invasive growth like moss and algae. Moss might give concrete a rustic appeal but when it comes to your roofing, this fuzzy growth is public enemy number one! Over time, moss growth weaves itself over, under and around construction materials.

Shingles bend and are pulled up, exposing the decking underneath. Exposed decking is softened and pulled away, meaning water damage, leaks, pest infestation and even flooding. This is what makes it so important to regularly remove moss from the roof of your property.

Don’t Try This At Home

Throughout the year, plenty of property owners try to take their home improvement tasks into their own hands only to have it end up in disaster. While it is possible to sweep clutter from a roof, moss removal requires more technique. Basic moss killers or chlorine bleach solutions are too harsh for aged or weakened materials. This approach might slow growth but it can’t stop it all together. Instead of relying on a harsh cleaning solution or pressure washer, our Gorillas treat your roofing right.

Choosing a Gorilla for your roof cleaning services means complete removal of clutter. Instead of pushing items off the roof and leaving them in your yard, items are bagged and removed. Once debris is dealt with, our experts have a better view of what is going on underneath, namely moss growth. From here, a treatment plan is created according to the condition of your property.

Gorilla roof cleaners offer not only cost-effective solutions, but an eco-friendly approach! When you are ready to clean your roof, professional roof cleaning companies are the only way to get there. Instead of sticking to one area, our Gorillas offer pressure washing or soft washing services – and you can even get your gutters cleaned. Call today to request a free quote for your services!

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