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The roof of your home is often out of sight, making it easy to neglect. As easy as it is to put off regular care and cleaning, with every day that goes by, more and more clutter is collecting right over your head. Layers of debris not only look terrible but they can lead to the need for premature repairs and replacements.

Professional Cornwall roof cleaning and moss removal can help to prolong the lifespan of your materials. Delay unnecessary wear and tear while boosting curb appeal by calling a Gorilla for your professional roof cleaning services.

Roof Care: Not a DIY Chore

There are plenty of household chores that can be done with a bit of elbow grease and a spray bottle or dish soap, but caring for your roof is not one of them. Clearing away clutter or removing lichen and moss requires handling heights and applying the right techniques to remove invasive growth from sensitive areas.

Depending on the plant life around your structures, property owners can expect a certain level of debris to shake loose during seasonal changes or through high winds or rain storms. As these items are dislodged, they make their way onto the surface of roofing, layering over time and creating a thick coating of organic clutter. This covering creates a damp, covered environment, which is perfect for moss to grow – and for pests to settle in!

It is easy to assume that unwanted growth can be scraped or scrubbed away. Dumping gallons of water onto surfaces or attempting amateur pressure washing can lead to damage. Over time, sitting moisture can seep in, passed shingles and roof tiles and onto decking underneath. Excessive moisture can wear down on materials, causing them to soften, leading to holes and openings, which allow water to seep inside. Using a wire brush to scrape away growth can then lead to leaks, water damage and other issues.

Roof Maintenance & Cleaning: Trust the Gorilla Method

Whether you want to clean off clutter or get rid of moss, the right roof cleaning process is key to getting the best possible result. Property owners are quick to contact roof contractors when they are in need of a repair or replacement, but few people reach out to the pros for standard cleaning.

Moss growth happens quietly but once it has taken hold, spreads rapidly. It does not take long for this invasive growth to fully take over a roof surface. In order to keep a structure in the best possible shape, it is highly recommended that a roof undergoes cleaning annually, and, depending on the type of roof and surrounding plant life, cleaning should be performed once in Fall and once in Spring.

From top to bottom, our fully insured Gorilla technicians are able to treat homes, commercial properties and multi-unit structures. By offering a variety of services, our experts can help keep your home in great shape, no matter the time of year. From a standard de-cluttering and roof wash, to window cleaning and pressure washing, there is nothing that our team can’t handle. Call today for a free quote.

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