Cornwall Pressure Washing

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  • Save the sewers – installing drain guards to catch all oil and sediment from entering the water
  • Apply the eco-foam to eliminate dirt, grime and buildup
  • Pressure wash the areas clean
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A quick run of the garden hose might wash away surface dirt from decks or walkways but when you want to deep clean your home or commercial property, it might require a bit of force. In the same way that you might clean your home indoors, it is important to keep outer areas in great shape and our Gorillas can help! Professional Cornwall pressure washing services can safely strip away years of wear and buildup.

When caring for a home, exterior areas are just as important as interior ones, but are often much more difficult to clean. Power washing is a way to dig deep into complex areas, digging out ground-in dirt and eliminating stains, both old and new.

Pressure Washers: The Heavy Duty Approach

Throughout the year, your property goes through a variety of stresses, from mud and dust, to salt stains, man-made stains and even bird droppings. With so many risks, it is easy to let property exteriors get out of hand. Expert cleaning services are a great way to usher in a warmer season, or to prep surfaces for a long winter.

In addition to cleaning, highly pressurized water sprays do more than remove dirt. Pressure washers are great tools for prepping surfaces for a fresh paint job. Wooden areas like fences or decks are known to have peeling paint, which can lead to a bumpy or uneven finish if a new coat is applied. Power washing services can help to strip dirt and grime, as well as flaking paint, paving the way for a smooth finish.

A professional cleaning service not only improves the look of your property but can also help to improve overall condition. A bit of moss growth might add a bit of whimsy or a rustic look but it can also cause degrading to certain materials. Cleaning away unwanted growth allows owners to have a clear view of surfaces, as well as whether or not materials are suffering or are in need of repair.

While it is simple enough to rent a power washer from a hardware store, just getting your hands on a machine does not mean that you know how to use it. Power tools come in a variety of models, from gas powered machines to an electric pressure washer, it is important to know the difference between the two. Operating the machine itself is one thing, but knowing where to aim these high pressure sprays is an issue all on its own. Instead of puling the trigger and hoping for the best, trust the professionals to get the best results.

Gorilla Property Services: The Best Way to Have Your Exterior Cleaned

When a basic water stream won’t get the job done, it is time to call in the big guns! Mobile wash systems make it possible to clean even those complicated or hard to reach areas. After years of experience in the industry, our Gorilla Pros are able to treat a variety of materials, with an environmentally friendly approach.

Fully insured Gorilla technicians are able to provide peace of mind that your home or commercial space is in the best hands, with a track record to match. By offering a wide variety of services, Gorillas can help to treat your structures from top to bottom. From pressure washing to soft washing, to graffiti removal and window cleaning, there is nothing that we can’t handle. Call today or your free quote.

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