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All over the world, Canada is known for for being a winter wonderland for more than half of the year. Snow covered hills are great for sledding, ice covered rivers are great for skating but snowshoes should not be every day attire! When you are finding it hard to making it through your driveways, walkways or yard without a boot full of snow, call our Gorillas. Our Burlington snow removal and salting can be made to fit any residential or commercial property.

Staying On Your Feet

Fresh snowfall might be nice to look out on first thing in the morning but it can mean trouble for your space. No one wants to have to fit for a path to their vehicle and no business owner wants their customers to be uncomfortable. In fact, it can mean the difference between a busy sales day and being dead in the water. If you are in a competitive area, having a hard to reach storefront or restaurant can mean the difference between coming to you and going next door.
In addition to threatening your sales day, a build up of snow and ice can threaten your health as well. Everyone has been there, one misstep leads to a hard landing and a whole lot of ouch. This is bad enough around your home but at work, it can mean a big headache. Let our Gorillas help you stay on your feet!

Burlington Snow Removal & Salting: What Sets Us Apart

The biggest advantage that our Gorillas have over the competition is our experience and dedication. Gorilla technicians are local to your area, so we have a stake in keeping your property and community clear and passable. No one knows the pains that a large snow fall or a coating of ice can bring you, like our technicians do and that is what makes us experts. By monitoring storm fronts as well as warmer temperatures, our Gorillas can plan for snow removal and patches of ice as well. Tides and temperatures might turn at the drop of a hat and that is why we offer 24-hour emergency call-out services.

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