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All over the world, Canada is known for being a Winter Wonderland. From days out on the slopes, to skating rinks at night, there is always something to enjoy during these colder months. Strapping on snow shows might be fun, but you shouldn’t need them to make it across your driveway.

All it takes is one heavy snow fall to bury walkways, roads and sidewalks. Professional Burlington snow removal and salting services help to eliminate buildup while creating a safe space for tenants, clients, guests and customers. From single, unattached homes to commercial spaces and multi-unit properties, our Gorillas can handle it all.

Burlington Salting Services: Staying On Your Feet

Fresh snow fall might be nice to look out on first thing in the morning, but it can mean trouble for your space. No one wants to have to fight for a path to their vehicle and no business owner wants their customers to be uncomfortable. In fact, even a bit of snow accumulation can mean the difference between a busy sales day and being dead in the water.

In addition to threatening your sales day, a buildup of snow and ice can threaten your health as well. A snow drift means more than soggy socks and frozen toes. One misstep leads to a hard landing and maybe even a trip to the hospital. This is bad enough around homes but around a work place, it can be a huge issue of liability.

Proper snow removal services might clear a path through the clutter but salting services help to keep visitors and tenants on their feet.  Understanding the problem areas of properties is key to a successful salting. Managing slopes and angles helps to eliminate ice rinks from forming on properties. Avoid unnecessary accidents by calling a Gorilla for scheduled care or emergency call-out services.

Choosing Local Snow Removal Services

When it comes to winter months, even street parking can be difficult. With so much juggling at hand, it can be difficult to stay on top of your maintenance routine. Snow does not keep a 9-5 schedule, so neither does our crew. The Gorilla team in Burlington is now offering around the clock services to our friends, neighbours and members of our communities.

The biggest advantage that our Gorillas have over the competition is our experience and dedication. From available service 24 hours a day to in-depth care for walkways, primary and secondary roads, there is no space that our specialists can’t handle.

Gorilla technicians are local to your area, so we have a stake in keeping your property and community clear and passable. No one knows the pains that a large snow fall or a coating of ice can bring you, like our technicians do and that is what makes us experts. By monitoring storm fronts as well as warmer temperatures, our Gorillas can plan for snow removal and patches of ice as well.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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