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  • Reach up to 4 stories high from the ground
  • Water fed and/or by hand, using a squeegee
  • Frames and sills wiped clean
  • Before and after photos

Clean windows do more than look great. When kept in good condition, clean glass help to regulate conditions indoors, creating a more comfortable and inviting place to live and work. Everyone knows that windows are fragile, but they are likely more fragile than you think. Because glass is porous, sitting dirt poses a serious risk to its overall condition, so let our Gorillas help you keep it clean, instead!

Expert Brockville window cleaning services can help to create a streak-free finish, a well as clearing away larger chunks of debris, like mud, dust, salt or bird droppings. Instead of superficial results, our experts are able to provide a long-lasting sparkle, while improving the overall condition of your panes.

Finding a Window Cleaning Solution That Works

It is easy enough to pick up standard tools like a spray bottle and paper towels and pair them with basic glass cleaners or vinegar and water, but these methods are often not enough to get results. When scrubbing glass surfaces, the friction caused by the motion will often produce a static charge that attracts lighter, airborne materials back to surfaces. This leaves windows looking dirty again, almost immediately after treatment.

In order to neutralize static, it is best to use rubber tools, like a squeegee. These tools stop static and help to remove water spots, and keep windows lint-free. Unlike basic window cleaning products, professionals are outfitted with top of the line tools and eco-conscious cleaners for the best results for your exterior windows.

While it is possible to reach glass at the ground level, windows on the second story and above are problematic. Needing to reach higher spaces means needing to grab a ladder and taking on additional risk. All it takes is one wrong step to cause serious injury. Professional window cleaning means access to top of the line safety equipment at the ready, not only in proper safety training but in access to safety tools, like stand-offs, as well.

Gorilla Property Services: Not Your Average Window Cleaners

Hiring a professional window cleaning company means you can sit back and relax, while trained specialists tackle your spots and stains. Commercial and residential window cleaning is not just about keeping glass clean and spot-free, it is about preserving condition as well.

The amount of debris that can be found on your windows is dependent on the surrounding environment. On average, our experts suggest professional window washing minimum twice a year, once in Fall and once in Spring. Windows can, of course, be cleaned more often than this, particularly around high traffic areas, and in the case of commercial window needs.

For the best in customer service, look no further than your friendly neighbourhood Gorillas. In order to best protect properties throughout the Brockville area, Gorilla Property Services offers the ability to bundle services such as window cleaning, pressure washing, graffiti removal and the option to have your gutters cleaned, all with a single phone call. Call today for a free quote.

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