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Whether you notice it or not, there is likely moss growing on your roof. Roofing is built tough to withstand the elements through any season, but this is often easier said than done. It is easy to neglect the condition of your roofing but even a bit of neglect can lead to widespread damage and invasive growth, so have a Gorilla swing into action! Professional Brockville roof cleaning and moss removal can help to boost curb appeal, prolong the lifespan of your materials and leave your property looking its best.

Regular Roof Cleaning: Contributing to Roof Health

More often than not, property owners are not quick to schedule professional roof cleaning services. It might be an attempt to save on money or, the thought that DIY techniques are enough to get the job done, but neither of these are true. While cleaning, servicing and treatments all come with an associated cost, these prices are much lower than the cost of a roof repair or replacement.

Depending on the type of construction material at play, and the surrounding plant life and the level of direct sunlight, some properties are more at risk of moss growth than others. If moss is left to grow, it will weave itself under and around roofing material, reaching the vulnerable decking underneath. From here, wooden materials in contact with moss and excessive moisture are softened and can be worn away, exposing interiors and creating entry points for pests.

Regular assessments and inspections can help to spot problem areas for moss growth, as well as wear and tear, but just spotting an issue does not solve the problem. A DIY approach getting rid of moss can often do more harm than good. Simply scrubbing at stains with a cloth and a bit of dish soap or trying to get rid of moss with a spray treatment, are not enough to get results. Harder tools like chlorine bleach or wire brushes will also peel softened materials away, creating large-scale issues. When you are looking for house washing, roof cleaning or property care, it is always best left to the professionals.

The Gorilla Service Guarantee

More than a commitment to getting great results, the team at Gorilla Property Services are also committed to eco-friendly practices. Instead of wasting gallons of water during your washing services, our experts have these practices down to a science, being both effective and efficient.

When you call a Gorilla for your cleaning services, you can rest assured that clutter and debris are removed from roof surfaces in order to get a better look at what is going on underneath. These items are bagged and removed to a proper disposal site. From here, it is possible to remove moss from the roof with a full view of its condition. Ditch the basic moss killer and pressure washing, when you can call a Gorilla instead.

Highly trained technicians bring excellent results but they are also fully insured to bring peace of mind. Call today for a free quote and to speak with an expert about bundling your services. Whether you are hoping to sell a property or are just prepping for a new season, Gorilla services include everything from gutter cleaning to soft washing, graffiti removal and more.

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