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When thinking of British Columbia, heavy snow fall does not come to mind. In fact, snow can feel so foreign to most property owners that they are not equipped to deal with the consequences of cold climates. Every day weather in the Aldergrove area is less a pattern than it is a surprise. During the winter season, sunshine and warm temperatures lead to snow melt and ice formation during re-freezing. Keeping a passable exterior space is easy enough in theory, but when walkways become bogged down in snow – it is time to call the pros! When in the right paws, an Aldergrove snow removal and salting creates a safe and passable environment for any property type.

Understanding Exterior Areas

Everyone loves the visuals that come along with fresh fallen snow, but wading through it is a different story. Without the right sort of maintenance, frozen feet and wet cuffs are an everyday occurrence. More than living in discomfort, a snow-clad property can be downright dangerous.
While snow might be the most obvious villain during winter months, but underneath that is the real problem area! Due to the unpredictable nature of weather in Aldergrove, ice is a very real problem for property owners. While temperature dip below and above zero degrees over the course of the day, snow accumulations begin to melt and refreeze. Every property has its own problem areas that might not always be obvious. Anywhere that water can collect, ice can form and where there is ice, there is trouble.

As ice begins to layer up around your property, it creates a dangerous environment for guests, clients and other foot traffic. Having an unintentional skating rink is a health risk but it is also a financial risk! By-laws in Aldergrove call for clear and passable exteriors for both public and private properties. Failing to keep walkways clear can result in hefty fines and who wants that?! Proper salting services keep owners outs of trouble and visitors on their feet! It can be difficult to keep up with rapid snowfall but having a property maintenance routine is as easy as building a schedule with a Gorilla. Instead of leaving our clients high and dry, Gorilla Property Services’ specialists offer options for your Aldergrove snow removal and salting. For commercial snow removal, weekly schedules are available to keep open avenues for customers. For those surprise snowstorms, emergency 24/7 snow removal services are available. Instead of being bogged own this winter season, trust a Gorilla for complete service, around the clock.

Aldergrove Snow Removal & Salting: Why Choose Gorilla

Ignoring snow and ice accumulation might be easy in the moment but they will bite back later! Luckily, winter operations are a speciality for our Gorillas. As winter wanes away, ice melt and sitting snow can lead to water damage and flooding. Preventing big picture problems is as simple as understanding the problem areas of properties and knowing the tools for the job. Scraping a shovel across a walkway is simple enough, but the larger the property, the larger the headache. Heavy hauling can lead to sprains, strains and pulled muscles – and that is the best case scenario. Instead of worrying about precarious foot placement, create a safe space with a bit of help from a Gorilla. With both manual and electric snow removal equipment at our disposal, Gorillas can handle residential, commercial and multi-unit properties. A parking lot, for example, requires ploughs over shovels while intricate spaces like strata properties call for snowblowers. Understanding the needs of your property is key to keeping things running. Snow plowing can make all the difference to a commercial space while technique and experience help homes and strata spaces.

The trick to professional results for your Aldergrove snow clearing and salting is vigilance. Winter services do not stop at the end of a traditional workday. While some cities have heavy-duty equipment like salt trucks, a mild climate does not call for such extremes. Our Gorillas understand that they are the strongest line of defence for the safety of our communities, so our eyes are on the prize 24 hours a day! Weather conditions change at the drop of a hat, but through monitoring incoming patterns, our Gorillas keep ahead of the pack. By keeping an eye on forecasts, specialists arrive with all the right tools for the job, as well as the right amount of salt to get the job done right.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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