Aldergrove Pressure Washing

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  • Save the sewers – installing drain guards to catch all oil and sediment from entering the water
  • Apply the eco-foam to eliminate dirt, grime and buildup
  • Pressure wash the areas clean
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No matter how much you might try, there is no stopping nature. While the exterior walls of your property protect you from the elements, they are getting the brunt of the bad. In theory, pressure washing is one of the simplest answers to stains and discolouration around properties. In practice, getting results is a lot more difficult. Giving new life to your property takes a skilled hand and an expert technique – in other words, it takes a Gorilla! In the hands of a professional, a pressure washer can strip away stains, and unwanted growth. Don’t let amateur attempts get in the way of great results for your Aldergrove pressure washing. Instead of taking a risk by pulling the trigger on a high-powered machine, have a Gorilla handle it for you!

Understanding Staining

It is not uncommon to pass by a property, only to notice unpleasant discolourations creeping along exterior surfaces. More so than just acting as an eyesore, natural staining, bird droppings and invasive plant growth contribute to the breakdown of construction materials. With every day that passes, new items are making their way into the grooves and dips of different materials. Bit by bit, these everyday stains layer over themselves becoming bigger and badder with time. As ugly as they might be, certain materials and discolourations can eat away at valuable materials. Regular maintenance protects the sensitive areas of your residential, commercial or multiunit properties.

The key to expert results for your Aldergrove pressure washing is to know exactly what you are up against. Understanding materials is an integral part of treating them. Concrete, for example, might be hard to the touch but it is ultimately porous. The texture of driveways, sidewalks, parking pads and decorative concrete are susceptible to weakening and damage by invasive growth. Growth such as mould, moss and algae retain moisture and hold it against exterior surfaces. Prolonged exposure to moisture leads to softening and weakening of even the hardest materials. Whether it is exterior walls, patios, driveways or retaining walls, our Gorillas have got you covered.

The Gorilla Approach to Aldergrove Pressure Washing

Power washing is just that, a high pressure spray used to blast away unwanted materials from weather beaten areas. In the wrong hands, this much pressure can mean damage. Instead of risking damage or inviting subpar results trust the multi-step Gorilla system. Our experts use eco friendly cleaning solutions to clean away stains and the surrounding area. Cleaning compounds raise surface staining while Gorilla brushes scrub them away, revealing the root of the problem below. Why bother eliminating the symptom of a stain, when you can cut out the cause itself. In order to keep pressure washing services as environmentally conscious as possible, our Gorillas treat surrounding areas as well. By blocking off avenues for water runoff, cross-contamination is a thing of the past!

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