Ajax Dryer Vent Cleaning

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  • Remove Duct from dryer
  • Clean Dryer Vent duct from Interior/Exterior using Forced Air/Gorilla Blasting Ball
  • Removing 99% of lint and debris
  • Clean caps and areas

No matter your type of property, there are plenty of appliances that require regular care. Care for air conditioners or furnace cleaning might come naturally throughout the year but clothes dryers are often neglected. Putting off regular dryer vent cleaning can have a negative impact on your appliance but is also a fire hazard.

Professional Ajax dryer vent cleaning can help to improve air quality while reducing the risk of dryer fire. It is simple enough to clean out a removable, mesh lint trap but these are not the real problem areas. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your appliance, get peace of mind for yourself, your guests and your tenants, let our experts help!

What is in Your Duct System?

Lint traps might be the first line of defence between your linens and your machine. With each load of laundry that comes through your system, bits and pieces of debris sneak passed these traps. Damp materials and hair will cling to sides of ducts, creating blockages. Lighter, damp materials will cling to sides and walls, creating foundation layers.

No matter how small an item might appear to be, in large quantities they become a problem. Even something as small as lint builds up, blocking air circulation and causing major issues for your machines. If air is unable to circulate, clothes and linens cannot dry, which encourages repeat loads and unnecessary wear and tear to your machines.

Regular dryer duct cleaning helps to eliminate clogs from even the toughest to reach areas, allowing your system to run more smoothly. Blocked air ducts carry mold and allergens, recirculating them into your laundry room and taking a toll on those with compromised respiratory systems. Protect your tenants with a helping paw from Gorilla Property Services.

The Perks of Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

For multi-unit properties such as apartment buildings or condo complexes, regular cleanings are key to keeping your system running. Hotels and hospitals rely on quick turn arounds for their linens and that means having high functioning machines. Much like these clothes dryers, our Gorillas are always on the go!

The first step to any proper air duct cleaning is a thorough inspection of your appliance and the surrounding area. From here, Gorillas can gauge the severity of your blockages and come up with a treatment plan that works. By shifting machines away from walls, it is possible to reach deep inside appliances and into the trickier areas of your ducts. High powered vacuums suck up blockages and sides are then wiped to ensure that your ducts stay cleaner, longer.

Our expert Gorillas offer options for regularly scheduled treatments, or emergency call-outs for multi-unit properties. Never miss a cleaning again! From Ajax and Pickering to Oshawa, Whitby and Durham regions, there is always a Gorilla willing to swing into action. When you want a great job and lasting results, call an expert today.

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