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All properties require attention throughout the year but winter maintenance services are some of the most necessary. In addition to looking terrible, snow accumulation and buildup can create unsafe environments for visitors, tenants and even passersby. When you want the best results for your outdoor space, just call a Gorilla to handle the heavy lifting for you.

Professional Pickering snow removal and salting services can help to prevent slips and falls but it can also help property owners avoid fines for by-law infractions and water damage due to snow melt in the Spring. Whether caring for a home, multi-unit space or commercial property, our Gorillas can handle properties of all types and sizes, so call today!

Snow and Ice: What to Know

Canada is known for winter sports and snowy days but for property owners, this winter wonderland can be tough to manage. Throughout Pickering, cold seasons last for around 5 months. This means the need for shovelling and de-icing for nearly half of the year and consistent physical labour and time consuming care.

Regular shovelling is tough on the body, particularly in the back, arm and shoulders. These practices are difficult for anyone but can feel impossible for those with limited mobility. In the same way that there is more to shovelling than meets the eye, the same goes for salting. Just dropping a bit of rock salt on sidewalks or driveways is not enough to tackle slippery surfaces.

Even in the dead of winter, temperatures fluctuate throughout the day. A warm day and sunshine can cause snow to melt during afternoons, only to have this water refreeze overnight. This creates even more slippery surfaces and means that amateur anti-icing may have to be a nearly every day event. Instead of struggling to keep up, call a Gorilla to get the best results.

Winter Services: How Our Gorillas Work

Even a single snow storm can set your removal practices back and that is why our Gorillas are always on guard with specialized services to handle all of your winter services. By offering residential and commercial snow removal options, Gorilla clients have peace of mind that they will never be left out in the cold.

In addition to carting away snow buildup, Gorilla services are able to apply salt to areas as large as parking lots or as small as a personal sidewalk. Depending on your region, snow plowing may be an available option for your snow removal services. Gorilla services can be scheduled as part of your regular routine (an ideal option for businesses) or as an emergency call-out service following a snow storm.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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