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Niagara Falls Snow Removal & Salting

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There are few sights that are as beautiful as fresh snow fall across a natural landscape. Luckily for Niagara Falls residents, these views last for an entire season. If you are keen on wool sweaters and hot cocoa but not a fan of impassable sidewalks and roads – let our Gorillas do your heavy lifting. There are some chores that you can avoid for long periods, but your Niagara Falls snow removal and salting is not one of them. One phone call keeps the wonderland in your winter season.

Niagara Falls Snow Removal & Salting: What Sets Us Apart

Instead of waiting for snow ands ice to form around your property, our Gorillas find that being proactive is the best way to combat weather. It is a lot easier to melt away a thin patch of ice or shovel up a few inches of snow than it is to deal with a severe dump or freeze over. Instead of waiting for the weather to make you uncomfortable, our Gorillas plan ahead. By watching forecasts and monitoring incoming weather patterns. If we notice a snow storm on a collision course with the Niagara Falls area, we get to work preparing a game plan to fit your property.

Properties around the Niagara Falls area come in all shapes and sizes. Commercial properties can be quite large while even the coziest of residential spaces can require some heavy lifting. All on its own, this can be one heck of a job but finding the right tools can make a world of difference. That is why our Gorillas approach your Niagara Falls snow removal and salting according to your space and its individual needs.

Tools & Technique

Snow most often falls during the late night and early morning hours, meaning that it can sneak up on you. You might wake up to a winter wonderland, but it doesn’t not need to be in an impassable space. During the late night hours, our Gorillas use the quietest methods of snow removal, focusing on shovels over blowers. These techniques work well for your living space but we are ready to break out the big guns for larger spaces.

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