Yorkdale Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

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Exterior cleanings of your property are easy to put off while focused on daily life. Walls might gather staining or a bit of growth, but the real problem area is your roof. Your roof is the most important part of your defence against the elements. Each piece of debris that your roof keeps out takes a toll on its overall condition. Instead of letting your roof become overrun with organic cast-offs and other debris, call a Gorilla for your Yorkdale roof cleaning and moss removal.

What Is On Your Roof?

The answer to this question varies by community, time of year and your neighbours. It is not uncommon for a rogue frisbee or baseball to make its way to the top levels of your property. While sports equipment is a minor factor, organics are a major one. As sticks, leaves, pods, pinecones and branches make their way on to the surface of your roof, they do not just sit there. Plants hold on to moisture both while they are alive and afterward. As organics sit against the construction materials of your home or commercial property, they retain moisture. Every property owner knows that retained moisture softens materials, and can lead to further growth. Instead of struggling to reach your roof and sweeping materials from one area to another, call a Gorilla for your Yorkdale roof cleaning and moss removal.

What Can A Gorilla Do For Your Yorkdale Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

The struggle for a clean roof comes in three stages: Climbing, Considering and Treating. Just getting to eye level with your roof clutter is difficult – and dangerous. For those people with physical setbacks, this can be a deal breaker all on its own. Once you are up there, taking stock not only of debris but of moss, is vital. Moss seems to happen all at once and that is because it spreads so rapidly. This unwanted growth retains moisture and sits against surfaces, softening them. Trying to remove moss with a wire brush or scraper can damage the overall condition of your roofing materials. Choosing a Gorilla for your Yorkdale roof cleaning and moss removal gets rid of the risk, while getting results.

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