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White Rock Pressure Washing

Owning a home with an ocean view is a dream for a lot of people but not for the residents of White Rock. They’re living the dream. This picturesque seaside community boasts the historic pier.  Originally built in the early 1900’s and protruding 470 meters from the charming promenade, which stretches almost the full length of the beach. The summer months allow visitors and residents of White Rock to enjoy swimming and kayaking in the bays’ protected waters, picnicking on one of the many grassy verges or simply enjoying the view of the historic White Rock that gives the city its name. However, winter months by the ocean can be harsh on your home or business. Wind and rain are inevitable in the Lower Mainland. Our unpredictable weather can be the cause of mould, mildew, and moss and algae growth on your property. Our White Rock Pressure Washing Service is the most effective method of removing these issues.

For a proud White Rock property owner, regular maintenance is essential. When Spring comes around, the bright sun illuminates all the gunk that has built up over those cold wet winter months. Let a Gorilla Property Services certified technician take the stress and time out of the big job of White Rock Pressure Washing. Then you can concentrate on the little things that make your home or business beautiful. Our Gorillas use the latest tools of the trade to ensure a complete sparkling clean regardless of the surface in question. We start by treating the entire area with a disinfectant and algae remover. This slowly strips away any build-up without causing damage to the underlying material. Next, our technician gets scrubbing with the help of our ‘Gorilla Brushes’. Finally, an all-over pressure washing is carried out using our seamless wand system which guarantees a streak-free finish. Your entire White Rock property will be looking like new in no time.

If you think Gorilla Property Services can help with your White Rock Pressure Washing needs, give us a call on 1-844-GORILLA (467-4552).

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