Vernon Soft Washing

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  • Specialty cleaning for vinyl siding & sensitive surfaces
  • Can reach up to 5 stories from the ground
  • Non-abrasive
  • Machine fed Eco-foam
  • Before after photos

Good looks aren’t everything, but it never hurts to have an appealing property. An attractive exterior is a source of pride for homeowners and can encourage foot traffic for businesses. Instead of wasting time scrubbing away at tough to clean surfaces or causing damage with power tools, have a Gorilla get the results that you need. A professional Vernon soft washing cleans away unsightly stains without the threat of damage to your property.

What Makes DIY Dangerous

Every day, Canadian property owners attempt to clean away mildew, dirt, dust and salt stains using hoses and hard-bristle brushes. This might seem like a great plan in theory but an ineffective technique makes for subpar results. The problem with most exterior cleanings is that many materials are textured or delicate. Stucco surfaces, for example, are full of dips and grooves that aren’t able to be reached with regular cleaning practices. In fact, trying to get into these spaces can mean breakage, leaving bald patches behind. More forceful methods, such as power washers can cause damage to wood or vinyl siding, paving the way for water damage, leaks and flooding.

Choosing a professional property maintenance firm like Gorilla, means residential, commercial and multi-unit properties are treated safely and efficiently. Instead of taking chances with the wrong tools or chemicals, years in the industry have allowed our Gorillas to develop a system that works. While some companies will locate stains and begin working, a Gorilla provides complete care beginning with an in-depth assessment and ending with client satisfaction. Eco-friendly cleansers and disinfectants are used to treat and loosen ground-in debris. Low pressure water sprays are then used to wash unwanted items away.

Why Choose A Gorilla

There are a few options for soft washing in the Vernon area but they don’t have the experience and dedication that our Gorillas do. Each and every one of our experts goes through a rigorous training practice before stepping out into the field. Local service means clients are never left waiting for service.

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