Tsawwassen Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

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  • All rooftops and valleys to be cleared of branches, leaves and debris
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The community of Tsawwassen is built around water. With miles of shoreline and a popular ferry terminal, it is no wonder that there is a lot of moisture in the air. This moisture seems ordinary to us but can prove frightening for your home or business. Let our Gorillas kick those fears to the curb with our Tsawwassen roof cleaning and moss removal.

Tsawwassen Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal: Routine, Routine, Routine!

For most property owners, routine maintenance can slip through the cracks. Having once a year, ‘spring cleaning’ is a start to having a well-kept but ultimately, it is not enough. Nature does not operate on a specific timeline but does as it pleases, all year round. This means having to deal with fallen leaves, branches and other debris on a regular basis.

By implementing a semi-annual cleaning, you can prevent unnecessary wear and tear and even protect the structural integrity of your space. Organic debris and moss allow moisture to creep around the surface of your roof. When it is permitted to sit against soft surfaces, this moisture leads to rot and decay. Choosing routine can mean the difference between simple servicing and a large-scale repair – or even replacement!

Gorilla Technicians: Swinging Into Action

Our Gorillas aren’t afraid of heights. Trained technicians handle your Tsawwassen roof cleaning and moss removal while you have both feet planted safely on the ground. While operating under strict safety guidelines, our Gorillas take to the skies to remove any clutter or moss from your roof.

The surface of your roof can be full of surprises and that is why our Gorillas always come prepared. Hard-edged tools and wire brushes can do a lot of damage to softened surfaces. That is why we do not offer “one size fits all” services. Our Gorillas work according to the type and condition of your home. In order to keep our clients in the loop, we also offer full reports about any damage that we might find overhead.

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