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A heavy or unexpected snow fall means more than a bit of manual labour for property owners. A pile up of snow or a sheet of ice can lead to major inconvenience, as well as slips, trips and tumbles. When your home or business has become an obstacle course for visitors and clients, let our Sydney snow removal and salting clear a path for you.

Clearing The Way For Clients

Keeping your home or work place passable and inviting is a key component of a welcoming atmosphere. Slips and falls are a hazard for you, as well as visitors or customers. Wading through snow is no fun and walking over ice is dangerous, so why not let our Gorillas clear a path for you?
Snowfall can come in centimetres, inches or even feet. When you are confronted with a large quantity of snow, you don’t have time to wait for accessibility around your space. Our Gorillas are equipped with removal tools for small areas, as well as Gorilla Mobiles to accommodate large areas as well. Whether you have a stand alone residence, commercial space or multi-unit property, we can create a removal plan to match. Ice, as well is sneaky. As temperatures change throughout the day, snow melts and re-freezes overnight, creating ice patches. Problem areas can be difficult to identify and that is why our Gorillas are here to help. Our Gorilla technicians swing by your property the night before any incoming storms or temperature snaps, laying ice before you even know that you need it.

Sydney Snow Removal & Salting: Spotting A Gorilla

Normally, snow falls and ice forms over night. While most snow removal specialists are asleep in their beds, our Gorillas are suiting up for our clients. Because the weather can be so unpredictable in the Sydney area, our Gorillas offer 24/7 emergency service for our Sydney snow removal and salting. Our services cater not only to your individual property but to the time of day (or night) that we are working. During late night or early morning hours, our Gorillas use quiet methods of removal, such as shovels. If you happen to wake up during your Sydney snow removal and salting, you can always identify one of our Gorillas. Gorilla Mobiles and uniforms are anything but dull and these flashy outfits make our experts easy to spot.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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